The Lost Boundary of the Goan Wedding – The XIM

After a Goan Wedding, If you have seen the Goan Wedding Tradition, the marking of the boundary at the crossroads while pouring the bottle of Liquor. Then consider yourself one of the last few generations to witness a traditional old custom of a Goan wedding called the Xim.

What is the XIM

The Xim basically means boundary. At the end of the wedding, the Bride’s family would be on one side of the road while the Groom side would be on the other. And a Virtual Boundary would be marked across by pouring liquor, mostly Cashew feni. Prayers were offered and Xim Marked. Viva re Viva Viva…Saud Korumia ..versus were sung and good wishes were given to the couple. It was said that no family member would cross the virtual boundary till the dawn.

The History and Significance of this ritual is a myth but folks say it was a way to end out any disagreements or arguments between the two families and go back home as one Happy Family.

In some cases, a bottle of liquor would be poured in a coconut shell and some local cigars would be kept at the junction from where the wedding couple would pass. It was believed that this would keep the couple safe from evil eyes and any wrong happenings.

Today The Xim might be irrelevant but during the olden day’s beliefs and traditions held high regards. If not followed certainly would create tension amongst the families. Today with a modern mindset and changing era’s Xim has taken a backseat. The Xim is merely a way of celebration.
Most of the Couples keep away from this old tradition and rightly so. The times have changed and so has the traditions pathed ways. If you are one of the few who still thinks Xim is Relevant in today’s time then go ahead pour out a bottle of caju feni on the road and say Viva re viva. Vokle Novreachi Saud Koruia….