Goan Bands Rocking Weddings with Konkani songs in 2019

Goan Weddings are never complete without a fast set of Konkani numbers being played. The Goan crowd eagerly awaits the start of the fast set during the dancing session wherein Konkani songs are played with full tempo and pace. Right from the young to the old, the songs are sure to bring you on the dance floor. The Konkani Medleys, Fusions raises the spirits and keep the crowd wanting for more. We list a few bands that are presently rocking the weddings with Konkani songs in Goa. They are truly energetic and sure to keep the crowd wanting for more…..

1) Shine On – The Band

Shine On Band Goa is one of the happening bands for Konkani wedding numbers in Goa. The main duo of Sidney & Silvina lead the band from the front, well supported by the talented crew. The Goan band that’s sure to rock the wedding with their special Konkani set for your weddings. Catch a glimpse of the wonderful dancing Konkani music for a Goan wedding.

2) Black in White 

Black in White is one of the best bands in Goa, currently rocking the wedding scene in Goa. Mark Revlon has been creating a mark for his beautiful original compositions and people are loving it. Sure to rock out all Konkani songs for a wedding in Goa. A Band is sure to make it big to the global stage across the Goan Diaspora. Enjoy some of the latest from the band Black in White Goa.

3) True Blue Goa

True blue Band Goa is taking music to the next level, High on energies and passionate about the music they play are sure to make you dance with shoes off. Konkani songs with Goan blend and medley are sure to keep you dancing throughout the fast dancing session