This Christmas, We spread Light and Positivity.

The World today needs light. The light that shines and brings forth positivity in every aspect of our lives. The Year 2020 turned its tides and brought everything to a halt. We experienced a change in slowing down and appreciating the small things in life. This pandemic gave us all that little break we all needed in introspecting and digging deep in finding ourselves in evolving to a new mankind.

Last year, it was the Stars on the street project that lit up the darkened road. This year we lit up the world with our Engineered Nativity scene spreading Light and positivity. With the 1000+ Blue Theme LED lights crafted on the 800m+ Conductor wire welded together on 12 artworks represents the serenity and calmness the blue color holds.

The Nativity Scene Silhouette gives us the belief and faith Christ Jesus brings to our lives. The Positivity and Light we all need to make a difference to the world.

Do Visit the Nativity Scene this Christmas at our base at Ucassaim, Goa, India in Spreading Light & Positivity.

It’s a Blue Christmas….

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