Sunset weddings -New Wedding Trend in Goa

Sunset Weddings is now the New Wedding Trend in Goa. Well, we have all heard about destination weddings and beach weddings as the most sort after ways of celebrating the most special day for the bridal couple. But imagine taking your vows while the sun drowns into the gushing waves with an ambience so soothing and calm. And who wouldn’t want to have such a romantic wedding celebration after all?. Sunset weddings have not only caught people’s eye but this trend sets high standards for a perfect fairytale wedding. The word ‘sunset’ wedding in itself describes the playfulness of various vibrant colours. Hence, you are ought to come across colours like orange and yellow scattered all over the decor and lighting.

Sunset Weddings in Goa

When it comes to beaches and sunsets, Goa is the first place that would stand out. Goa being a place, known for its cheerful nature, vibrant colours are just a thing that flows with its culture. Thereby, making Goa an apt location to have a fairytale sunset wedding. Even though sunset weddings have been an emerging trend in Goa, it has gained tremendous popularity. Most bridal couples looking forward to this set up choose Goa because of the easy availability of the location. Equally, all the other necessary arrangements that constitute the final look of a sunset wedding.

Other than the location, there are a few more things that need to go hand in hand. When having a sunset wedding in Goa, at the shores of this beautiful place the first thing to keep in mind is the timing for the celebration. So, while the guest enjoys the view, the photographers can also capture all the shades of the picture perfect set up. Find the wedding vendors on Goa’s online wedding platform Weddings de Goa. Keeping the concept in mind, when both the decor and lighting goes together It’s suggested to make sure to only enhances the theme and not to add on the extra element so that it balances out the concluding look of the sunset wedding.

cover photo credits : New life Studio