Should I cancel my Wedding in Goa? During the COVID-19 outbreak

It definitely took months in planning your big day perfectly, and when you’re all set it is obvious to be frustrated and nervous to hold on your plans and preparations during the outbreak of Corona Virus all around the world.

You might be wondering what you should do? – Whether to Postpone, Cancel or Hold on to your decision to check whether things come under control. Well, WeddingsdeGoa has tried to come up with some decision-making advice for the Goan couples. These are purely our thoughts and advice to influence your own call.

Postpone the Wedding

Well, following the ups and downs of the virus closely, it would be recommended to postpone your wedding to the next wedding season in Goa. This could be post monsoons. Moreover, following the current scenario, it feels that weddings in April or May in Goa is definitely a no-go. Well, it is definitely frustrating for the couple to make the tough decision to press pause on their big day. But looking at the bigger interest of the community it’s important we adhere to safety norms as laid by the Govt. in avoiding large gatherings.
Presently there is a Govt ban though on large gatherings which are bound to continue at least for some time and even if its lifted its not a good idea to host huge crowd at a single venue. Our say If your wedding is lined up in April /May in Goa would highly recommend to Postpone it and take a call on the date only after things normalize.

Cancel the Wedding Temporary

If your wedding is lined up now in the month of April the this is certain. With the current situation, nothing is of more concern than the health of our Loved ones, family, friends, and all those who are on your guest list. If you are one of the few that have dreamed of your wedding with a white gown walking the aisle or having that romantic wedding march with your people cheering around and don’t want to hustle-bustle with the wedding plans then surely calling of the plans temporary is the best option.
If your wedding was supposed to be attended by guests, close family traveling from abroad or far and you want to have them around for your big day then canceling now to make new plans sounds a good decision. One of the bride’s ” Sonia’s fiance is in the US has temporarily canceled the wedding as the grooms entire family was supposed to attend and cannot make it in such a scenario. They plan to take a call on their wedding day only once things normalize.

On a Lighter Note: If you aren’t sure about spending the rest of your life with your to be partner, Then God’s giving you another chance to call if off
( Smiling )

Hold On to Plans

Holding on your decision and check if things get better would be feasible if your wedding date is somewhere late May, Early June or after that. However, this would not be recommended if the couple is not in Goa or one of them is abroad. Due to the ban on traveling in various countries across the world, These plans might be altered accordingly. If you are one of those who believe things will fall in place and can’t wait to get united no matter what happens around you, then holding on to your wedding plans might sound ok but assured that the crowd would be limited to merely a close family function with govt regulations in place.

We Pray & Hope your wedding day comes soon even in these tuff times. “The longer you have to wait for something, the more you will appreciate it when it finally arrives”

We have given our piece of advice, the choice is yours depending upon your situation and plans. Importantly discuss together as a couple because the Journey has just begun and definitely it has begun with you two taking the most important decision of your life.