5 Ways to Digitally Survive your wedding business in Goa with the COVID-19 outbreak

Its certain that the wedding industry in Goa is facing a big downturn for 2020. With wedding’s either getting called off or postponed till normalcy returns the industry as a whole is on a complete standstill. Wedding Businesses are looking at ways to remain afloat and survive the onslaught of the COVID-19 wave that has hit Goa and its aftereffects are here to stay.

Weddingsdegoa brings forth a series of important ways Wedding Businesses in Goa can remain afloat even in these challenging times. Our Analytics show that people are more online now then they used to be and more and more traffic is generated online. The Viewership has increased, the post views have suddenly jumped and people have a whole lot of time to spend online. Businesses are willing to invest time and finances to be digitally active online. This gives them a better opportunity to be visible to the couples sourcing vendors for their weddings in the next season or even next year. It gives them the opportunity to be a prospect for their wedding.

Remember the famous proverb  “Out of Sight is Out of Mind “

Here is a list of things to do to digitally online to  survive this slowdown period,


It's going to be more important moving further to have your own website. Couples are now turning online for sourcing vendors, they browse through your work on your website and it is an important factor for decision making. Having your own website will give you an identity and a professional touch to your business. An edge over your competitor and benefits of having your own space in the world wide web. It's as if you have your own home on the Internet.


If you have not heard about Google My Business then you need to look at it now. Google plays a very important role in showcasing your work to the right people sourcing products or services like your’s. You can add your Photo’s, Video’s or any content that showcases your work. Couples can drive to your location when your business is listed on Google My Business as your business is showcased on Google Maps.


Facebook & Instagram are the two most powerful tools today to connect the global world. Having your own Facebook & Instagram page gives you the limelight and platform to showcase your services to a wider audience. Also, having a Youtube channel is a plus point to increase your digital presence. Regular posting and that too with correct keywords makes a huge impact. If you are still not active on these platforms then you better do to keep yourself afloat in these time is high online consumption.


Many Wedding business'es in Goa that we have interacted with do not have photos, videos or content of their work digitally available. The business’es does not see the value of having their work digitally stored that can be used for marketing or showcasing to clients. See that you invest some time in keeping a digital portfolio of your work ready to be showcased anytime. Having a blog written on your business creates a whole lot of impression and add weight-age to you profile.


When someone else speaks about your work, its surely noticed. Listing your business with online wedding sites such as weddingsdegoa creates a huge impression with couples sourcing services. It gives them the confidence that your business is well established and has experience to handle their big day. Trust factor is gained straight off. There are many more digital benefits about listing your business on weddingsdgoa click here to know more “ www.weddingsdegoa.com “.

Here are the 5 most important ways you can survive being Digitally Online. With the present state this is the only option you can remain afloat in people’s sight. Remember Out of sight is out of mind and we are sure you do not want your business to be out of mind when the couple actually start looking online for wedding services. So stay connected, stay tuned and get Digitally active.