Impact of Coronavirus on Goan Wedding’s

The world has come to a standstill and future plans have taken a backseat. From the aviation industry to the Entertainment to the Weddings. Everyone has had a big impact from this sudden calamity that’s erupted all across. Lock-down’s, restrictions, and fear have curfew-ed nations in taking steps to prevent COVID-19 from spreading &  infecting.

The wedding industry in Goa too is bracing for a huge down slide as more & more couples are now considering rescheduling their wedding dates or even temporarily cancelling the wedding plans or putting them on hold.

What does this mean to the Goan Wedding Industry ?

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Surely the grand wedding’s Goa had seen will not be the same until normalcy returns , The Future looks uncertain for most couples with important life decisions to look both financially & concerning safety as a whole. .With all the lock down’s and restrictions around which are not certain to be easy to go with ,  the wedding business will take a big hit. The businesses virtually on a full stop as of now, will have to come up with more economical yet productive ways of keeping afloat in this tight scenario. Being flexible & robust with future plans and being prepared to face adversity is something to take a note off. Temporary putting hold on plans for raising up your business or investing into new ventures could be avoided.As a whole its everyone in the wedding industry that will feel the pinch. The Important thing is we need to be together to bounce back once normalcy returns and this will be possible only if we in the Goan Wedding industry all work together united hand in hand.

What does this mean to the Goan Wedding Couples ?

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Raina was suppose to tie the knot on April 14th but now have postponed their plans to date they themselves have not yet decided.Many couples are facing it difficult to decide whether to cancel plans or continue with a smaller ceremony once life turns normal

For Nancy it will be a smaller, more intimate affair with just the close family even when things go back to normal.Couples may even choose to spend their wedding budget on saving for the rainy days ahead.

The General advise for couples would be to postpone their big day if they had it in plan anytime sooner . Moreover,inline with the guidelines given by the Govt of Goa to avoid mass gatherings to avoid them.

For those couples or either bride or groom abroad, We highly recommend you to speak to your wedding vendors about putting it on hold as for now.

Many couples are strangled in seperate countries due to the suspension of flights and visas with closure of airports.

What does this mean to Weddingsdegoa ?

Weddingsdegoa too has had the same impact as you. We are now working virtually from home since the lock down. With meetings happening over the net we have turned innovative & a reality of what we imagined is coming to life of a virtual world.Business wise we too are on a pause as the world. We look through our virtual screens and see the light coming out the end of the tunnel sooner than later. Till then sit back , sharpen and wait for the moment to arrive…

Stay Safe , Stay Blessed .

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