New Trends in Wedding Gowns

Some of the best trends in bridal gowns today are ones that completely steer brides away from old traditions. I find these trends to be very refreshing because it allows couples to throw weddings the way they want and to have something unique and their own as opposed to a very long time ago when all weddings kind of looked the same.

Panel Gowns

As the name suggests is a gown made of many panels of fabric stitched together. The advantage of panel gown is the flair the panels give to the hem. You can have a nicely flared dress which will drape and falls beautifully, especially when sewn in a flowy drapey fabric like chiffon or crepe.

Long Trail Gowns

Veils have always been an important part of the wedding gown to maintain the sanctity of the bride’s mind on her wedding day. If you’re the vintage-lover that enjoys the beauty of both long veils and trails, you could sew up something just like this one!

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