Latest Wedding Photography trends Goa

Check out the Latest Wedding photography trends Goa is showcasing . Additionally browsing through Wedding Photography styles Goa has in store for your destination wedding in Goa.

Firstly Goa is a hot bed for Destination weddings . As much as the land itself celebrates every ocassion with royality . Goan weddings presently can boast to be the best in Asia .  Since the wedding industry brings with it new trends better then the previously set one’s .

From time to time , its The Latest Wedding Photography trends Goa can couple with its own impressive locations. Not to mention the Beautiful landscapes significantly adding natural beauty to your memories.

Weddingsdegoa brings to you the  Latest Wedding Photography trends Goa has instore.  Besides giving you insights on Wedding Photography styles Goa has impressed the wedding world with.

1) Pre Wedding Photoshoots

Surprisingly Pre Wedding Photoshoots in Goa has taken a center stage with most couples vouching for pre wedding shoots. Goa offers the best natural scenic locations from beaches to forts equally impressive are the Churches & ancestral Goan homes for your Pre wedding Photoshoot’s. Latest wedding trends in Goa suggest the photoshoot trend to rise up as the influence of western weddings increases.

2) Post Nuptials Church Photography

Since the Bride & the Groom are all dressed to their perfection on their wedding day , Post nuptials photo shoots are in the second place common  for Wedding Photography styles Goa has in line. With All the Uncles & Aunties , Full family for the nuptials, it becomes easy for a Family group  photo which is common in many Goan families. Some consider it as a tradition to have the full wedding family stand at the church entrance and click the wide angle shot to be captured for generations to come. Though traditional this is one of the Latest Wedding Photography trends Goa is looking to carry forward.

3) Sunset Photography

Undeniably if you are getting married in Goa , you cannot miss the sunset on your wedding day.  All in all this will be the best shots captured to cherish for the rest of your evenings.  Spent together watching the sun go down as husband & wife . From the Gorgeous sandy beaches to the landscaped plains . Goa will give you the  perfect location’s to  shoot that magic moment kissing the sun . The Aura,  Fading away of light and even more the Ambiance will make you feel special on the reel of Life. Moreover years after , these same moments will be treasured with the every passing sunset falling in Love all over again.

4) Heritage / Ancestral Portuguese Home Photo shoot’s

Particularly couples having strong nostalgic bonds together with their ancestral homes are looking forward for an experience in contrast with the beach or the sunset. Different from the regular outdoor photo shoots, couples are choosing heritage locations or even their own ancestral Portuguese Goan homes. The Feeling of nostalgia with all the memories loaded gives the emotions a royal feel captured well enough with the antics of the Goan Balcao. Each Portuguese Goan House is a treasure trunk of photo shoot locations. The Long balcao’s , The never ending front door steps t the high walls that scripts an unique wedding photo shoot experience.

5) Drone Wedding Photography &  Videography

Indeed a new trend that has captured Goan Weddings is the use of Drone for Wedding Photography. Shot from an altitude ,this kind of wedding photography capture the eagles eye view of the wedding party. 360Degree’s aerial view with heart shapes on ground captured from the sky. Drone Photography is limited to a few Goan wedding photographers presently becoming the newest Wedding Photography styles Goa is experiencing.

6) Digital Albums are IN

At first this seems something awkward , but weddings have turned digital. On one hand the hard copy prints are now giving way to digital form of art. Wedding couples are choosing Digital Albums over hardcopy one’s.The Digital Wedding Albums are easily accessible and further sent across the world to your near and dear ones. The Graphically designed , well curated and edited photo’s make  the pictures come to life. All in all the photos are not restricted to a number and size is not a problem. Digital Albums are making way into the premier wedding segments. This ones another to the Wedding Photography styles Goa is adopting too.

These are just a few of the major Wedding Photography styles Goa is inclined to. The Most important aspect lies in the selection of the wedding photographer who will shape up your day with ideas , bringing your imagination to life. Check out some of the best wedding photographers goa has in store at weddingsdegoa . No matter which style you adopt , when you are blossoming in Love , the Photo’s will have their own shine.  Here’s to all the Bride’s & Groom’s looking for the Latest Wedding Photography trends Goa has to offer in its stride !