How to Choose the Right Vendors for your Wedding

Pick your destination

You may have a lot of ideas in mind and have a lot of dreams for your big day, but picking your Wedding Vendors in Goa before your venue is pointless and may waste both your times. The reason being, you will be telling them ideas with no clue about the location and it will be extremely vague. Picking your venue allows your sense of imagination to grow within the walls of your venue. Before you pick your venue, you’ve probably already decided the theme for your wedding. If not we highly suggest you do so. That way you can narrow down your choices of venues. Especially in Goa, it can be an extremely critical point as vendors are hard to pin down during wedding season.

Build your team

Now that you’ve got your venue, it’ll be easier for you to nail down exactly what kind of vendors your looking for, be it your florist, caterer, photographer, you name it. Pick at least three from all categories, just so you have broader perspective at the stage. This will allow you to have a little leeway, when the time comes to choose the right one. Sit with your fiancé and tackle the list by scouring your sources. Weddingsdegoa can help you with the list of vendors and their description. Just click on our menu and browse through the list you want to go through and voila! You have a little input on the various kinds of vendors out there.

Research your vendor options

Don’t just dive into details with any of your vendors. Research your vendors before hiring and communicating with them. If there are any differences in views between you and your vendor, it can get pretty awkward and difficult to backtrack. In today’s day and age, anyone offering a service has a website. Scour their website, Instagram page, social media, testimonials. This will give you a little more insight towards their style, experience and expertise in their field. If you’re a Goan, or living in Goa, you can always ask around. Chances are a friend has used the same vendor before and can give you a better perspective on him or her.

Be upfront and honest

Once you’ve finalised your Vendors, be upfront and honest about your budget. This allows the vendor to get creative within the confines of your financial budget. Keep some plastic space for any excessive expenses. We often feel extremely proud and hate giving away our real budget. This can cause setbacks later, while concreting wedding plans. Allowing your vendor to actually know the limit to their budget will keep you safe later from excessive billing. A pro tip would be prioritizing your budget for each vendor.

Get out while you can

Lastly if you notice things aren’t clicking between you and your vendor, don’t pick them. This is your day. Don’t pick someone just because they’re the best in the industry or they have worked with all of your friends. Chances are, you may not have the same ideals or visions as them. It is your day and you get to decide what kind of wedding you want. Pick someone, who you instantly like with no red flags. You will start noticing if your vendors are being unpunctual, disorganised or uncommunicative. That’s when you switch vendors and move on.

In conclusion, be polite and communicate clearly with them. This will allow you and your team to have a better bond and understanding of your Dream Wedding. Your vendors will want to make something wonderful for you and have you talk about them in your friends circle or online. If you need any more help with vendors, especially in Goa, feel free to contact us here at weddingsdegoa. Till then leave a comment down below for further questions.