4 Tips On How To Downsize Your Mood-board For Wedding In Goa

You would think Planning Weddings in Goa is what you’ve always dreamed of. The white gown, the perfect flowers, the exceptional venue. For a girl, you’ve been doing it your whole lives. But when it comes to pulling the trigger, are you really ready? With the sensation of the age of the internet, there are a plethora of ideas out there, from a huge range of DIY wedding destinations right down to a tiny pin in the groom’s vest. That is if he’s wearing one. Maybe you chose to have it underwater. So with the array of ideas, your own thoughts and the suggestions thrown at you by your friends and family, how do you choose? How do you stay true to yourself and not regret having splurged or saved on anything? We, weddingsdegoa have a few tips which might just help you out.

Saying yes to the mess

Right from the time you have a ring on your finger, you most definitely should have a mood board. It doesn’t have to be all fancy and on pinterest either (although, to be honest, 90% of most of your inspirations will blossom better here), it could be a binder, full of photos, materials, maybe even a kind of leaf you thought would look pretty in a centre piece. The point is, you don’t have to feel guilty, if your ideas are in complete and utter disarray. It is absolutely ok. You can cross a Casino in Panjim and be inspired one minute and the next, be inspired by the ornate carvings of a church. JOT IT DOWN. Or put a pit in it, as the saying goes. You’ll soon start to see a pattern emerging. A range of colors, or a theme, etc.

PRO TIP: Try blurring your eyes and looking at your board. You will start to see your preferential color.

Break your streak

Once you have a vague idea as to where your thoughts are leading you, take a break. We know it sounds weird, but that’s the best way to sort through the mess. Look at something not related to weddings. Read a book. Don’t pigeon hole yourself to the ideas and inspirations. It may lead you astray. Keep an open mind. Try focusing on searching for your wedding planners, the caterer’s selection and other things which may need your attention. We can help you with that. WeddingsdeGoa has a wide range of caterers, musicians and party planners all under one roof. You can find your perfect match for your special day right here. Go through the nitty gritty process.

Bid Adieu

Come back to your board, once you start missing it. Now you start downsizing. Start putting the unnecessary pins or pictures aside. The process of selection for your perfect day goes through two stages. The emotive selection: Here you pick things which have an emotional value. Something you connect with, or remember something by. All things personal. Anything, you think will remind you of an inside joke, or a moment in your childhood, stays. The rest needs to be packed up and put in a separate box. You’re going to go through anxiety here, but it needs to be done. It’s like packing your winter clothes and saying, “no, maybe I could use that if, its a little chilly” You’re never going to wear it this season. Put it away. If you need an idea you put away, you can always bring it back. The next is the logical selection, where you pick the ideas which would be realistically possible. And not just in terms of budget. This is in terms of the time and the energy spent by the people helping you too. You want it to be a happy day, where everyone wants to focus on you and not on tasks handed out. Find a common ground. Sit with your partner and write down the pros and cons of each idea and list the ones which seem like the perfect fit.

File the piles

Now you have your final mood board. All that’s left, is putting your blinds on and not looking back. And maybe one more thing, categorizing all your ideas under one roof. The kind of food you want, the music, the theme, the colors. Make them into tinier boards, which will be useful when talking to vendors. A pro tip is making your board on a website and adding your vendor’s onto it. That way, they have a more cohesive idea as to what they are look for. Vendors always appreciate the bigger picture. If you give your baker, a bunch of pictures for reference, their artistic mind is limited to the reference and more often than not, moves in a completely different direction from yours. By allowing them to see all the ideas, you’ve jotted down, everyone can be on the same page and help you build a tenacious plan for the big day. For more help on the subject feel free to contact weddingsdegoa.

All in all, try not to invite Mr. Obvious to the wedding. The hackneyed ideas everyone follows are growing a bit mundane. Have fun. Make it personal. Turn it into something everyone enjoys and talks about in the months to come. Put your own twist to those corny ideas. If you can’t figure it out, we’re always ready to help here at weddingsdegoa.