Goa Wedding Photography Do’s and Don’ts.

Capturing every moment of your wedding day is what everyone looks for on their wedding day. Be it candid photos, first dance, nuptials, wedding bands, first kiss, pre-wedding shoot, post-wedding shoot, etc. but sometimes we tend to get a little too carried away with the whole idea of making each and every moment memorable that we either tend to overlook certain details of don’t give it enough attention.

From the previous Wedding Photography Blogs on our website you must have learnt the knick knacks of wedding photography, the past & the future, the tips on choosing a wedding photographer and more but knowing all that and merely choosing the best photographer is not enough, because it is very important that the photographer you hire understands what exactly you expect out from him, the timing of photos, styles and much more so here are a few tips for you Goa Wedding Photography Do’s and Don’ts to help you.


1. Start Early:

Be it planning a small event or a big wedding the amount of details that go into it can be quiet apprehending so it is always better to start early and plan the date and other details so you get enough time for everything. When searching for the Best wedding Photographer in Goa it is good to have an early start so you can pick the best one.

2. Be planned:

Search styles, poses, props, locations nearest to you for the photo shoot (you can refer to blogs such as Best wedding Photogtraphy locations Goa ) in advance, look at wedding photos that are simple yet elegant and don’t require too much effort and discuss them with your photographer before hiring them so that there is nothing left for last minute thus avoiding any last minute changes.

3. Make a Schedule & stick to it:

After doing all your research, prepare a schedule of the entire day(s) with everything, all the ceremonies, travel time, locations and include timings so that everything happens seamlessly and you have time for everything. Make sure you leave extra time for last minute changes. Make someone responsible in charge of this schedule.

4. Hire a professional wedding photographer:

Playing it safe is always a better option with hiring one of the Top Wedding Photographer in Goa and also ensure he has the proper lighting equipment, cameras, manpower (assistants) & experience in the field of Wedding Photography. Also you want to make sure you connect well with the photographer so as to ensure everything flows well.

5. Discuss the plan with family & bridal entourage:

Once a detailed schedule is ready, discuss it with close family & friends and the bridal entourage to make sure that they are ready for the proceedings of the day.


1. Focus too much on taking photos:

Enjoy every moment of the day, it is after all the most special day in the live of any Bridal Couple. Make sure you don’t get too concentrated on the photos that you forget to actually live in the moment, you can have a photo shoot again but you cannot relive that day again.

2. Compromise on quality for lesser price:

Unlike like most other services, a professional wedding photographer is a real lifetime investment, who keeps memories of your big day alive all throughout your lives. When you pay for a photographer toy pay for their equipment, time, transport, manpower and many other things, so make sure you invest in the right one, just because he is cheap, he may not always be good and that could ruin it for you. (refer to the blog How to choose your wedding photographer in Goa) to know more.

3. Be fake (pose too much):

The best candid’s come from the happiest moments. Keep posed photos to the minimum because too many may tend to make them look fake, so just have as much as fun as you can on your big day and leave the rest to the photographer, just make sure you smile as much as you can, don’t want to be caught in the weird poses now do you!

So here were a few Goa Wedding Photography Do’s and Don’ts that you should consider while planning & doing a wedding photo shoot. Just make sure you choose the right photographer, stay prepared and have a lot of fun and enjoy the day.