The Goan Wedding Day Photoshoot order

Looking for the Goan Wedding Day Photo shoot Order ?  We have especially compiled the 10 point traditional photography line up at the Goan Weddings.

The below blog is specifically oriented keeping in mind the tradition’s of a Goan wedding. The below writeup  can be a guide in planning your wedding photo shoot. From time to time the Goan wedding traditions have evolved thus giving way to newer trends. Here’s a list for the traditional photography line up in Goa.

1) Bridal Dressing & Make Up

The First shots of your Wedding day starts with the Bridal Home.The Wedding House,Decor , Altar , house Garden are some of the first shots clicked early afternoon.The Photographer must arrive with his team before noon, for a wedding nuptials lined up at 04 pm. The bridal dress , make up along with bridesmaid photos are in line to begin with. The Bride’s Room , bridal shoes , perfume , head gear , Accessories are to be highlighted as well for the clicks. Once the Bride is ready the bride’s single candid photo shoot begins. The best locations at home are to be identified for quality photo’s prior to the wedding day. However the best  wedding photographs are the natural ones shot with pure emotions.

Pic Credit : Jacqueline’s Salon D’Spa.

2) Family Blessings

The Traditional Goan Bride/Groom leaves the house with blessings from the entire family.These moments are priceless with emotions to be captured to perfection. The photographer needs to be addressed , about a proper blessing being given rather then a blessing looking at the camera. The Blessings are to be for real rather then for a camera click. This blessing ceremony last for approx 30 mins. Proper planning needs to be carried out as the photographer will then head to the Groom’s House for Groom’s shoot , Blessings.  The best suggestion i had for my wedding was agreeing with the wedding photographer to have another photographer for the shoot at my wife’s place. By doing so the Photographer was relaxed and had ample of time to click the best shots. Check out our Blog on how to plan & start your Goan wedding on time.

3) Church Entrance – Handing of the Bouquet

Another Equally  important tradition  of the pre nuptial ceremony is the handing of the bridal bouquet by the Best man to the Bride with a kiss at the church entrance. The Photographer has all the liberty to capture these moments in the best imaginative wedding styles as possible.

4) Nuptials

The Goan churches itself are the masterpiece of art. The particularly experienced Goan wedding photographer’s know the exact locations in every church for the best wedding day shots. Right from the entrance to the seating arrangements ,all can be covered with the perfect photographer. The Nuptial ceremony is well defined and photographers know their part to play. Significantly care has to be taken not to disturb the religious sentiments. Permissions from the church authorities for the use of high tech equipment’s such as angular setups , flashes must be taken to avoid last minute surprises.Movement around the main altar to be restricted to avoid distraction. The main part of the nuptial Photography will be the ring exchange service followed by the signing on the marriage book.

5) Altar Photography at the Goan Weddings

Once the nuptials are over, its a tradition for the bride & groom to click a picture at the Main church alter. This can be done with the attending priest’s & the family as well. It needs to be noted that your guests would be waiting for the bridal couple at the church door to wish you’ll.Hence the Altar photography must be curtailed to as minimum as possible to attend to your wedding guests in church.

6) The New Extended Family Click

Once wishing is complete , The Photographer will get the privilege to shoot the best photo’s at the Church entrance door. With the full family around this will be the best moment to treasure  memories of all the family members at your wedding day.

7) The Sunset Photograph

A click that will remain for the rest of the life’s sunset to come. The Wedding Photographer has to accordingly arrange the best location in the vicinity for the shoot.

8) The Newly wedded entrance

The Bridal couple enter’s their home for the very first time as Husband & Wife. The Wedding Photographer has to capture their utmost emotions.Prayers at the altar with the bridal couple knelling down is another picture to be captured. The Placing of Saddo(Red Dress) on the shoulder of the bride by the mother in law is also to be captured without fail. Sometimes the Bride is presented with a Gold chain which needs to be in the frame.

9) The Wedding Reception

The wedding reception in Goa is an all party affair. Dine , Dance & Drink , Its all about enjoying in the happiness of the bridal couple. Hence the Wedding Photography at the reception is critical. Right from the Entrance march to the First dance to the First kiss. All of these treasured moments needs to be captured without any flaw. The point often overlooked for a Goan wedding is a place reserved for the photographers along with a dedicated person looking after them. After all you keep them happy and you are assured of a perfect wedding photo album. The Goan Weddings are a royal affair with photographers playing an important role in creating memories of your big day. Pic Credit  Wedding Eye Photography.

10) The Wedding Kiss

The Last but not the least Photograph ,  is of your Wedding kiss lined up at the end of your Wedding reception in Goa. The Photographer has to be in perfect position to capture this moment. Retakes of the scene can be disappointing for that picture perfect moment. Hence the onus lies on the Wedding photographer to capture it in one take. This Photograph will be the Highlight of your wedding for the rest of the romances to follow……

So be sure to practice it before your big day !!!!