Elements of Hindu wedding accessories

Being born in a country like India, where Bollywood inspires style for a classic ethnic wedding and Hindu wedding accessories used. Moreover, it’s a dream of every Indian Bride and Groom to look classic, perfect and beautiful. It’s always imported to set a style benchmark with her/his clothing and accessories from head to toe. Here are some trends setting list that a bridal couple wears on their wedding day

Hair accessories and headgears

A classic way to enhance a bride’s beauty is her hair. Be it a simple braid/plait or a fancy bun decorated with golden pins and natural flowers, all add value to the look of a bride. Equally, a simple Maang tikka on another hand completes the entire look package like a cherry on top of a cake.

 Sehra & Neck Scarf

A main purpose of Sehra is to act as a mystery for the face reveal for a grooms face. However, a Groom is always incomplete without a Sehra and a matching neck scarf.

 Gold Ornaments

They say a bridal ornament tells a lot of tales about a bride. A few Items listed here are the Nose pin, Earrings, Necklaces, Mangalsutra, Finger and Toe Rings and Anklets are placed in such that they all look good together without coming in the way of each other. They are adding highlights to a brides look to place her in the limelight.


The Style of Bindi has evolved from a simple red dot to beads and pearls stickers. A bride always can flaunt her eyes and style with a fancy or simple Bindi on her forehead.

  Armband and Bangles

Placed above the elbow, on the upper arm is the Armlet/Arm Band. The bangles made of glass, gold or other metals as they signify the long life of the husband.

Waist band

It not only serves the purpose of holding your entire attire intact in one place but also acts like a style icon or highlight to your saree.

A bride and groom using all the accessories mentioned can complete their entire look for a perfect wedding but above all the Accessories, the most important for any Bride and Groom is to have a Smile for a picture-perfect happy ending.