3 Holy Grail Tips To Have Your Wedding Day Go Smoothly in Goa

Could you imagine looking through your wedding videos and catch someone sneaking behind you while walking down the aisle? Ok, it would be hilarious, but definitely not perfect. Everyone wants their forever to start perfectly, right from the get-go, but it seems kind of impossible with the chaos which stirs out of the blue. Someone may lose the bouquet, the car broke down or worse, the caterers haven’t arrived yet. It is kind of impossible to avoid these situations when you need to rely on so many people and yet focus on yourself. So what gives? What could make your day run like a well-oiled machine? There are few tips which no one tells you, but is extremely important to remember while scheduling your day.

Don’t try to be a Hero

A lot of us take the planning of the main day a little too lightly, mainly focusing on the trivial details of what next, thinking maybe we could get to it later. Well, there’s a reason sloth is one of the seven deadly sins. It always leads to mishaps. Don’t try to be at every place at the same time. Learn to let go. Especially Weddings in Goa have a lot of traditions and customs. One should evenly distribute his tasks among the family members to avoid mess-ups and confusions. Try placing some of the responsibilities on someone else, moreover, on someone you trust will get the deeds done. It would be more beneficial to hire a wedding planner. Someone who has already gone through the cogs, and knows how to clean them out. You can find a number of expert wedding planners, right here, on our website, weddingsdegoa. This helps you focus on you on the big day. You can safely take a sip of champagne without fainting due to the stress around you.

Time is of the essence

The most important thing on the day of the wedding is that everything fits into its perfect time slot. A little delay here and there leads to a hasty end, something everyone abhors. Its leaves everyone is dissatisfied and glum. Try planning your day by scheduling time slots for each event you want to get through. The common delay to start a wedding reception in Goa is the after nuptial time, this includes wishing and the pre photo session. If you want a photo session, add it to your schedule. You can probably have the nuptials a bit earlier. Even something as slight as a touch up for your makeup needs to be put down into your to-do list. A pro tip would be to start planning your day backward. Write down what you want to do last and then go from there. This helps in moderating your time schedule throughout the entire day. Keep a twenty-minute leeway on either end so that you can enjoy the moments and not rush through it because of a schedule. Print out a summary of your schedule for your guests, informing them the allotted times for each event. That way they too are involved in the timeline and will get to places without a delay. You could also print a timestamp a little ahead of the actual time so that the oncoming guests don’t derail your day.

Tried and tested

Lastly, if you can, more importantly, if you have the time, try rehearsing the event of your big day. Get your wedding crew together and run them through the schedule, so no one is late. There are a few venues which allow you to walk your vendors and family through the upcoming.

cover pic credits : Edric George