Wedding Photography Goa – The Past and the Future – Wedding Photoshoot Goa

The Wedding Photography Goa is presently showcasing is world class . Especially evolved from the days of film reels & hard flashes to the never limited camera clicks . The Wedding Photo shoot, coupled with the latest gadgets have brought in newer trends to the photography business in Goa. One can lest see the old manual roll camera’s used for weddings.Digital clicks have rather replaced the age old analog camera’s.Here are some of the wedding photography trends of the past and future in Goa.


Chiefly Kodak cameras used to be one the most famous brand used for wedding photography in Goa . Since the mid 18th century Goa had a handful of photographers carrying out the Wedding photo shoot Goa.These were  mainly concentrated in the cities of old  Panjim , Margao , Mapusa and Vasco. Overall Wedding Photography in Goa during the 18th century was  limited only to a few royal landlord houses.The Local Goan’s, as has been noted in the history, had to wait as early as the 19th century for an affordable wedding photograph. As can be seen, in many old houses in Goa, Black & White Wedding Photo’s  of the couples  in a studio are common.During this era  the Wedding photo shoot Goa had for  the couple’s was limited.They had to visit the Photographer’s studio in the city. Unlike the modern digital camera’s ,It would be a single take with no edits.

Raw images would capture your wedding day in 4-5 photographs, considering the high cost for each photograph. You would get your photographs may be after 15 or 20 days in black & white, depending upon the camera roll films. Cases where in the film processing would damage the original film, thus destroying the clicked content. For the same reason Wedding Photography, a valued profession restricted to only the professionals in cities. In light of the trade & Goan diaspora travels flourishing in Goa, came the beigning of camera’s that were less sensitive and little less expensive then it used to be from across the world.

The Liberation Era

Many Photography studio came up in cities during the pre liberation time. Wedding Photography was soon beigning to have a new life with fewer restrictions & mobility in The Electronics technology started to take over and thus came the simplicity & ease of doing Wedding Photography.The photo film rolls once easily available got high demand.Processing the photographic film in the matter of few days with faster processing machines grew. Photoshoot at wedding homes ,nuptials began. Photographer’s would hand carry minimum two roll on camera’s  with light bulb flashes. The demand for wedding photography in goa peaked  as the years passed by with more ideas and wedding concepts flowing in from the rest of the world.


The Wedding photo shoot Goa is looking forward , will have a new set of dimensions in the Wedding Photography Goa business segment . At this instant the digital Space is covering every aspect of our lives. Due to the social media influence Wedding photo shoots are getting hotter in contrast to the candid portfolio’s. The Wedding photo shoot Goa holds looks bright. Newer wedding photography trends at the same time are capturing the imaginations. For example Under water Wedding Photo shoot’s , Historic era Custom set wedding shoots and so on..


In the Long run , Technology will play an integral part in shaping the future of Goan wedding  Photography.  Incorporating Technology will give an edge to Wedding Photographers. Social media platforms like Instagram with hashtag’s will be common to bring your photos live on the digital front instantly. Instant Photography for the wedding day will be common .

Holographic photography will soon knock on the wedding doors too for a 3d panoramic experience to your guests who could not make it. Smart Phones with ultra edge high resolution devices will replace the DSLR’S.   Self editing devices will prevail with instant touch up’s . Newer Photographic platforms will create space for data sharing & viewing.Drones will fly high capturing eagle eye view. Wedding Digital Diaries will be the trendsetters. Light’s will only enhance the photo’s with auto corrections. Live photo broadcasting , streaming on a new space around the digital web will be accessible. All in all  Wedding photographers will have to embrace the technological race in marching ahead of the photography clan in providing the futuristic photography services to the wedding world .