Valentine’s Day, the Goa Way!

Valentine’s day, a day that truly defines the meaning of love and affection. The quote itself gives great significance to this day in an enlightening way. Though the celebration of Valentine’s day came to be known for lovers. Initially, people have begun to look past the boundaries and moved on with associating their loved ones, parents and close friends.

Valentine’s day is also considered as a special day to celebrate with your special people across the world. While many people from different places find creative ways of expressing their love. Goa on the other hand also has its own ways in which people spread the joy of Valentine’s Day.

The Celebrations!

Additionally, Valentine’s day in Goa doesn’t just end with lovers exchanging roses and gifts. There is so much happening around that it’s not really possible for one to get a taste of the entire Valentine’s Day celebration in Goa. Goa having been blessed with a coast full of beautiful beaches, acts as a perk for the season of love. Equally, the beaches in itself add the romance to the set up created by the lovers. People love dining by the beach at the well lit up shacks or restaurants. That converts themselves into Valentine’s themed place with certain discounts and freebies. The ambiance of the place helps set Valentine’s mood for a romantic dinner too.

Being in Goa and skipping out on parties can never go together. However, when it comes to the celebration of Valentine’s day in Goa, there are a fair amount of people who party. While the rest choose other options on this special day. This leads you to the more exciting stuff, which can literally be considered as an adventurous affair with couples and families opting to go kayaking and also enjoy the hot air balloon rides for the day. Some also choose to spend their evenings cruising with their loved ones.

When Valentine’s Day hype hits Goa even the stores, boutique and various outlets begin giving many offers. Taking all this in the account, Valentine’s Day is celebrated in Goa in itself gives it another level of significance due to the destination, which adds a charm to the celebration single-handedly. But what makes it so happening is the vibe created by the people in Goa and the hype created by all.

cover photo credits : Wedding Eye Photography