Tips for hosts and guests Post-Corona lockdown for Weddings in Goa

Sooner then later life will have to turn to some normalcy. No doubt the world will not be the same again but looking ahead we will have to adapt to the situations with pure safety and precautions in mind.
While social distancing is vital, we understand and believe that connecting with people and acknowledging life’s milestones gives us a true meaning of what life is all about. We want to help you handle this situation with grace and stress-free when it comes, as the impact of Corona virus has held us all hostage, a day will arrive when things will look normal but with a safer approach.

If you’re planning a wedding in Goa post corona lock-down, Whenever it may be in 2020 – Early 2021, here are a few tips to consider in your planning days. Even though the restrictions may be uplifted but being safe & proactive will be required even when life will start returning to normalcy.

Pre-Event Precautions - Guestlist
Be mindful of the guest list. It's a big no for a big wedding in goa anytime sooner. You will have to cut down the guest list from 1000 to 25 or even less. This looks so hard but yes it will have to be done if you plan to go ahead with your big day anytime sooner.
Pare down the celebrations to a minimum
Keep the events as intimate as possible. For those who still want to be apart of the wedding, perhaps you could offer a closed Livestream option. You have to have a complete overhaul of the plans with a closed-door church ceremony followed by dinner and a small get together (Dinner, not sure about the dance)
Apply Proactive and Cautionary Measures (On The Day Of Event)
Post corona, one thing is certain to hand sanitizes are here to stay and you have to consider having them at your reception as well. Maybe at the dining arena or main locations at the venue. -Provide hand sanitizes. -Make sure the physical cleaning of the venue is arranged before the event.
Display health advisories at the event venue
Remind attendees to keep personal hygiene high, provide notices on handwashing and also minimizing physical contact. Implement social distancing. Provide health advisories near water fountains, eating areas, food preparation, trash receptacles, bathrooms, and keynote venues.

The above are thoughts that have been put across if you are planning your wedding in Goa anytime sooner once restrictions are opened. It all depends upon how the world reacts and cope’s with this new enemy of us that has taken the world in hostage mode.