Twins Corona and Covid, born during India’s coronavirus lockdown

In a span of a few weeks, Indians have had to adapt to a new lifestyle. A virus, that we so recently carefully regarded from distant, has bought some unexpected changes in our lives. In these trying times, it’s become so important that we redirect our focus towards positivism even more.

While this is something unusual that we get to witness, twins born in Raipur, India on the late night of March 26 have been named Covid and Corona. The parents believe that indeed the virus is dangerous and life-threatening but its outbreak made people focus on sanitation, hygiene, and inculcate other good habits. Thus, they thought about these names. Also they had to face several difficulties before the delivery, due to the country-wide lockdown with no cars being allowed on the road, their vehicle was stopped repeatedly along the way by police. therefore, the parents of the twins wanted to make it memorable.

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The mother and babies have been recently discharged and all were in good health. But the couple is apparently being pushed by elder relatives to change the names, so they may reverse their decision at a later date.

But, by naming their twin babies Corona and Covid the couple has taught us that positivity is important because it impacts all aspects of our life, in a good way. And it helps us to have a better acceptance of the circumstances.

No doubt Covid & Corona will be remembered much much further on, these twins have given it another reason to be remembered with their names. Here’s a life to Covid & Corona!