Photooneil Photography

Photooneil Photography is the work of the passionate Goan Wedding Photographer, Neil Rodrigues based in Abudhabi UAE, with origins deeply rooted in Miramar, Goa. His Passion for what he does has brought about some of the finest and best Photography shots to life. Moreover, Photooneil has been in the Photography business for more than a decade. With immense experience & International Works, he has become one of the Most Preferred and favorite photographer for NRI Weddings in Goa.

Worldwide Reach of Photooneil Photography

His passion for his work has taken him across the globe venturing into different areas of work, from Capturing the wedding locked couples in the beautiful city of Toronto to the shining cities of the Abudhabi & Dubai. Additionally, from the Shores of Goa to the couples from Paris & London. This wide array of clientele base from different countries & nationalities has brought a different dimension in tagging Neil as one of the best wedding photographers for Goan weddings. Google has ascertained this with its first-page ranking, don’t believe us? A quick search on the Best wedding photographer for Goan weddings brings you Photooneil on Google’s first page. This Achievement itself speaks about the great photography work Neil has put up over the years. Check out his work to be admired on “

Why Photooneil Photography

At Photooneil, its more about the professional service and humility in providing the best they have to offer. Always there to assist and advise on the best way forward in providing the best for the clients. Work begins the day he meets you, working the concepts and storylines inside his head to suit your requirements. With his immense experience, you are always going to take back something new you would implement on your big day. An advise that will surely be acknowledged.

Destination Wedding Photographers

The Creativity & Energy in the photographs is there to speak. The Light’s, the focus and the lens are all tuned to perfection in capturing those elite moments that are missed by the human eye. Additionally, with modern photography toys that add value to the photograph, it is the skills at work that make Neil a natural photographer. May it be rain, sun or snow the Positivity & Aura surrounding Photooneil’s work is sure to brighten up any mood.

Enough said about him, Photooneil has many happy couples from different walks of life have who were more than happy to share their testimonials ( that speaks about the fun they had in capturing their finest wedding moments.

If you are a couple still looking to make the final choice for a wedding photographer in Goa, Entrusts you with Photooneil for capturing the best moments of your life with his lens with guaranteed loads of Love & Happiness.