Goan Wedding Experiences – A View from the other side of the world.

The Goan Wedding Experiences written here are truly real first hand experiences that unfolded during my best friends wedding in Goa this year. I come from a country that has very little traditions integrated with every single step of your big day. A Country that believes in Live in Relationships more then marriages.
So my perspective of a Goan wedding was completely overthrown the moment I landed down in Goa.

As soon as I was picked up by my friends neighbor at the airport I just felt connected to the conversation he started. Truly a Goan by nature and very welcoming. I Realized I was in for a real treat with all the stories that were told on the way to my friends home.

The House was well lit with lights all over and the aroma of the fresh sweets being prepared got me cravings for some.

Experience no :1

The Hospitality & Warmth in a Goan Wedding House

Goans are hospitable by nature But this house was extra special. I Felt I was a part of this family and all knew me so very well even it being my first day here at my friends place. I was treated more like a family member than a stranger.


Experience no :2

The Roce ceremony at a Goan Wedding

Goan weddings have something very unique , Roce ceremony with Coconut juice being applied to the groom /bride at their respective homes. For me this was an experience never seen before. To add a very youthful , mischievous touch the cousins had variety of mixtures poured over on the groom including beer to nourish and have some fun to avenge the same things done before by my friend.


Experience no:3

The Decoration team Made in Love at the Groom’s house.

The house decor was put up by the neighbour’s with so much grit and dedication cutting of each piece of paper strips and hanging it to the ceiling. The theme color well defined on the walls as per instructions from the groom . In my State this is all outsourced to Vendors.A Real Experience of unity and love in the community.


Experience no:4

Crazy Goan Wedding Day

The Goan weddings are truly masterclass in itself. Guest list of 1000 is like a political rally in our Country. Arranging for such a crowd needs meticulous planning and a team that has done all your homework intact. I was given the responsibility of taking care of the friends who flew in like me of both the parties. More of an External affairs role. To my surprise, I met a young girl from the bride’s side who had studied in the same college as I did in London . She joined in assisting me to manage the guest list .

Experience : Goa is such a small state that you will bump across someone who you know or have met before or have had some common connections points.


Experience no: 5

The Wedding Night of a Goan Couple.

Post Reception , we all captured our friends bedroom and made the newly wedded couple wait till we had an agreement for a post wedding holiday trip. Surely we disturbed the plans of the Wedding night of this Goan Couple. My Friend was all positive about it and laughed it away before closing out the bedroom door.

We sat out in the open Goan Balcao with our glasses filled to the brim  with the new friends we made, sharing our thoughts & Nights outs not knowing in which world of extacy we were driven into after  a few shots of tequila. Surely this was a night to remember with new made friends, Experiences that showed me people’s connectivity and hospitality that still exists in this part of the world.

Experiences that surely made it worth the trip down for my Friends wedding in goa with the below *

What Happens in Goa Stays in Goa