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Fevila Fernandes

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+91 7972587494

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Gonvoll Cottombi Quepem Goa


Seeking an extraordinary Goan Roce Ceremony Band? Look to Paroda Melodies! They seamlessly blend Goan music, 'Roce songs,' and modern flair for unforgettable events.

Ready to add magic to occasions with Paroda Melodies, the premier Goan Roce Ceremony Band? Excellence shines in their enchanting Roce March, led by a talented lady, and a lineup featuring Trumpet, Tenor Saxophone, Alto Saxophone, Jumby, Tambourine, and Acoustic guitar.

Explore their unique blend of tradition and innovation in crafting a musical experience tailored to your tastes. From traditional tunes to innovative 'Roce songs,' they cater to diverse audiences, making every note resonate.

More than a band, Paroda Melodies stands as custodians of tradition, infusing cultural richness and emotional resonance into every performance. Committed to creating unforgettable symphonies, they're the perfect choice for ideal harmony in special occasions.

Allow Paroda Melodies, to weave the soundtrack to cherished moments, creating an unforgettable symphony etched in memory. With them, events become enchanting experiences where every note tells a story of celebration and cultural richness.

Ready to make occasions extraordinary? Checkout their YouTube channel to Experience the magic of Paroda Melodies today!

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