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Ninio J. Correia

Phone Number

+91 8554050594

Alternate Phone Number

+91 8208160486


S-3/4, 2nd Floor, Block 2, Salkar Residency, Adarshnagar, Chicalim, Vasco-Goa


Are you searching for a charismatic emcee in Goa to elevate your event with elegance, sincerity, and boundless enthusiasm? Meet NJC - Ninio J. Correia, a seasoned public speaker known for injecting creativity and out-of-the-box thinking into every occasion.

Renowned for impeccable oratory skills, Ninio engages audiences with a formal yet friendly demeanor, fostering genuine connections at various events. NJC goes beyond conventional emceeing, embodying a wellspring of positive energy and joy. As your charismatic emcee in Goa, Ninio's infectious enthusiasm, spontaneous spirit, and unwavering smile create an energetic atmosphere, turning gatherings into authentic celebrations of joy and connection.

What sets NJC apart is Ninio's commitment to being more than just a host; he is a helpful and empathetic presence, consistently going above and beyond to make each moment special. Prioritizing your event, Ninio's genuine desire to contribute to its success shines through in every interaction. Opting for NJC means choosing an emcee delivering the perfect blend of professionalism and warmth, transforming your occasion into an extraordinary celebration.

In the capable hands of Ninio J. Correia, your event becomes an unforgettable masterpiece, curated with his unique charisma as the charismatic emcee in Goa. Elevate your occasion with NJC, experiencing the seamless fusion of elegance, sincerity, and boundless joy. Secure Ninio now for your event, ensuring it's a remarkable celebration of connection and positivity that exceeds all expectations.

Experience the magic of NJC - Ninio J. Correia's charismatic emceeing firsthand! Visit his Facebook page to witness unforgettable moments and discover why Ninio is the top choice for elevating events in Goa and beyond.

  • Tyrone Fernandes
    February 8, 2024 at 11:46 pm

    Ninio’s extensive experience conducting seminars for a prominent US company, coupled with his vibrant personality and background as a Radio Jockey for a reputable station, uniquely qualify him to elevate any event as a compere. His lively demeanor and ability to infuse energy into any setting make him the ideal choice to ensure guests are kept in high spirits throughout the occasion.

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