Contact Name

Mr. Sameer Kapadi

Phone Number

+91 9158911999

Alternate Phone Number

+91 9834030641


Panjim, Goa, India


Are you in search of an Innovative Retro Music band based in Goa that will add a spark to your Wedding?. Well, Groove Dakshina is a 3 member Goa-based band that performs retro Bollywood hits in groovy western styles. These include Jazz, Blues, Latin, Reggae, Gospel, etc. However, the band’s innovative western approach to popular Hindi hits, along with live improvisation, gives it a distinctive and unique sound.

An IIT, LSE and UCL graduate, Pralay actively performed with Bollywood orchestras in Mumbai in the mid-90s, before moving to London. Over the years, he has worked in multiple industries, including 10 years in radio in Mumbai, Dubai, London, Delhi, and Kolkata. However, Pralay moved to Goa in 2011. He owns a salon business in Goa with his wife, Bina, and is a well-known voiceover artist. He also composes original music. Groove Dakshina marks Pralay’s return to his passion - singing.

Brian is a singer-songwriter and producer widely known for writing praise and worship songs, with 12 albums and over 200 songs to his credit. After working in the music industry in Mumbai, Brian moved back to Goa and started ‘Keys and Strings’, a reputed music school focused on nurturing young talent looking to create original music.

Moreover, Brian brings his extensive understanding of Western musical styles, performance skills, and production experience to create a distinctive Groove Dakshina sound.

Sameer, a percussionist and rhythm arranger par excellence, has previously been a long-serving member of Remo Fernandes’ band. The owner of BiznBuzz Events, Goa. However, he continues to work as a session musician for reputed music directors in Mumbai and performs regularly at corporate events in and outside Goa.

Additionally, Sameer plays a variety of percussion instruments including the Djembe, Cajon, Dholak, and Handsonic. And is truly the groove behind Groove Dakshina!

So, if you are looking for a Retro Music band based in Goa. Get in touch with Groove Dakshina music band Goa. They are sure to dazzle your wedding and make it a memorable one. To access more follow them on Facebook and Instagram.

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