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Valencia Fernandes

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+91 8408893985

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+91 9370142103


H.No. 75, Near Mandar Hoble, Vaddy - Merces


Are you on the quest for affordable yet Unique Gifts in Goa that make every occasion extraordinary? Look no further than Gifts and Giggles in Goa, owned by Valencia Fernandes in the picturesque Merces. Discover a curated collection of tailored gifts, hampers, and takeaways designed to add a personalized touch to special moments.

At Gifts and Giggles , Valencia has mastered the art of blending affordability with uniqueness, offering a diverse range of options for every gifting need. Crafted with care and creativity, their selection includes handmade collections, ceramic gift items, personalized home decor, crystal gift items, and wall hangings.

Valencia, the creative force behind Gifts and Giggles, ensures that each item reflects exceptional craftsmanship and attention to detail. The primary focus is on your satisfaction, turning every gifting moment into a truly special experience. Gifts and Giggles Goa promises an elevated gifting journey, from selecting the finest materials to curating unique designs. For a closer look at delightful offerings, visit Gifts and Giggles on Instagram.

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