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Gonvol, Xeldem Quepem Goa


Looking for an authentic Goan band that goes beyond tradition? Meet the Traditional Band Goa, Feliz Goan Traditional Band, which specializes in lively performances rooted in Goa's rich cultural heritage. They blend Portuguese and Indian influences into traditional Goan Konkani music, creating a captivating experience.

Beyond music, the band features skilled Kunbi dancers, adding a traditional touch to live shows. Dressed in traditional attire, these dancers entertain and promote awareness of Goan Kunbi traditions.

This Traditional Band in Goa provides services for various occasions, including Goan Wedding Roce Ceremonies, Resorts Events, Opening & Closing Ceremony Performances, Restaurants, Birthdays, Corporate Events, and Government Events.

Feliz Goan Traditional Band plays traditional instruments like Ghummot, Guitar, keyboard, Bongo, and more. Lead vocalist Melani Gomes, with her charismatic stage presence, has performed at various events, from national Indian Army gatherings to local weddings and birthdays.

Book Feliz Goan Traditional Band for a cultural music experience. Follow this unique ensemble on Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube for glimpses of captivating performances. Discover a unique tapestry of Goan traditions and music, adding a special touch to your events.

  • Nikita Costa
    December 21, 2023 at 12:35 pm

    Never thought that roce ceremony can be like this. Feliz Goan Traditional Band bring old traditions to life by giving mind-blowing konkani music. the entire crew is fabulous in their own way. they are skilled musicians and kunbi dancers. i wish them great success ahead.

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  • Seltan Gomes
    November 28, 2023 at 12:43 pm

    One of the best traditional band to make memories for your roce ceremony

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