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The Purple Buttercup cakery has Bespoke Cakes for all Occasions. The dream of hobby turned cake artist, Sara Pires.

Creating masterpieces using traditional and modern techniques of sugarcraft. Moreover her skill of connecting the old and new in a unique way has earned her quite the name. Within the local community and also the surrounding areas.  Additionally, this sugar artists’ creative and intuitive nature uses a freehand process to build cakes. Therefore creating amazing cakes with layers of depth and texture.

Always exploring new techniques to implement in her works. Therefore constantly updates her knowledge by learning from professional cake artists worldwide. Moreover, she is on the way to certifying herself in modern cake designs, textures, and mediums.

Sara's specialty lies in giving each creation its unique identity. Therefore promising to nurture it with love, passion, and individual attention. Which is only made possible by limiting the number of projects she takes.  Based in West London, she is the name on the top of our list. View her amazing Bespoke Cakes for all Occasions and more latest updates on Instagram and reach out to make your cake dreams, a reality!



Southall, UB2 4GA, UK.

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