Goan Weddings in the UK

In the early years, the Goan Diaspora began to migrate to the UK and settled there.

However, Their Love for Goa has never died down. The latest trends amongst UK Goans show the rise up in wedding celebrations, occasions held in the UK itself as compared to previous years when people traveled to Goa to host their occasions.

Let us see the four main reasons why the UK Goans Celebrating their Weddings/ occasions in the UK itself:

  1. The first, and latest reason would be the covid-19 pandemic. As the coronavirus struck the world, it brought a huge risk in traveling. So, the UK Goans prefer celebrating their weddings in UK itself rather than traveling to Goa amidst the pandemic.
  2. Secondly, The travel restrictions among various countries back and forth have created a tense situation among people. Flight cancellations are at a peak.
  3. As we know a huge number of Goans have settled in the UK with their families they prefer to have their functions in the UK itself with a major part of their family residing there.
  4. Having your dream destination wedding, if the bridal couple has decided to plan their wedding the UK way!

There are a number of Goan Wedding Planners based in the UK that can help you prep for your big day. From finding the perfect vendors to executing stuff as per your requirements all can be well handled off.

From the Goan music bands, DJs to play your favorite Goan beats to Goan Emcees, cake vendors, and also caterers. You can find your perfect wedding vendors on weddingsdegoa.com/uk.

Moreover, some Goan’s getting married in the UK also follow the Goan Wedding Traditions like having the Ross Ceremony, Traditional doss making, and more. They relive the Goan tradition in the UK.

The way things look at the moment it’s certain Couples in the UK would prefer to tie the knot in the UK itself and then, later on, have a celebration party for their loved ones back in Goa. At the end of the day, it’s all about you two making the choice to celebrate it in the Uk or in Goa. In the end, all is well and all weddings end with a Kiss whether in UK or Goa.

Stay Loved, Stay Happy!