Your Go-To Wedding Vendor Checklist For Weddings In Goa

You found the love of your life and are planning to go together forever. And we are all set to say “i-do”! You have set your budget and know your guest count. Now it’s time to plan your big day.

Well, the wedding is just a day’s affair but includes a lot of wedding vendors to bring it together and make it a success. From the venue, photographer, decorator, caterers, music bands, emcee, accessories, and more. Yes! It’s a lot.

So, to make your plan easy, we at WeddingsdeGoa, offer it all. From the top Wedding Venues, caterers, bands, and Emcees in Goa to the local floral vendors, podium decorators, and more. We have a list of 26 different wedding vendor categories having a vast number of businesses listed with us. You can choose from viewing their business portfolio, videos, and social media profiles and contact them quickly at your fingertips from any part of the world.

Wedding planning can often be hectic and time-consuming. For that reason, we have created the top 10 wedding vendor checklists, so you know what to prioritize to build your wedding team. 



Once your wedding date is fixed, In Goa, it’s essential to get the church formalities done. Well, it’s necessary to have your wedding Nuptials! And all other requirements that follow with it. Like the marriage course, pre-nuptial inquiries, etc 


Venues for Weddings in Goa are booked up earlier than we think. So, finalizing and booking your wedding venue well in advance must be given high priority. Of course, there could be many options available. Yet, getting an ideal one for you that suits your style, location and budget can be the thing. 


We’re sure you have your dream wedding vision, and you know what color theme you’ll have and what you and your entourage will be wearing. So hop on to your wedding shopping, and get your Dream dress finalized well in advance. The wedding designers in Goa are booked much prior. So, get your slot booked as soon as possible. 


With Goa being a hub for grand celebrations, even though there is a wide array of photographers here, most are booked, especially during the wedding season. The Top Photographers are always reserved for various events. So, contact your vendor now! 

Event Photographer Goa
Live Weddings Bands Goa


Imagine a Wedding without Music. That Define sounds off-track. There are many Wedding Bands/ One, man bands/duos, and DJs in Goa to choose from, so If you book them in advance, it will be easier to discuss and get your playlist or music of your taste played on your big day. 


These vendors are a must-have for every wedding. So, book them for your wedding and customize their packages as per your choice. 

Friendly Emcee Goa


The most integral part of your wedding reception ceremony is the wedding emcee. You are managing everything well and hosting your ceremony to run smoothly and according to your needs. Prioritize your booking with the best wedding emcees in Goa to discuss and plan your day to be a success.


Choosing the best makeup artist for your big day is a true challenge. So, it’s important to take prior trials to ensure you look the best on your special day.

Hair and Make-up Artists for Weddings Goa
Rolls Royce wedding cars in goa; Best Wedding Vehicles In Goa


You have the perfect Car of your choice that fulfills your requirements in photography, wedding theme, and style. Whether to have a luxurious ride or the late 60’s retro style, there are multiple choices of wedding vehicles in Goa. So choose the best for you as per your preferences. 


With Goan Weddings getting so creative and having distinctive themes and the wedding accessories also matching the creativity level and theme is all magic done by the wedding accessories vendors in Goa. They need time to personalize your dream wedding accessories. So, hop on and book them quickly. 

Event Styling company Goa

Well, all other vendors are equally important and need prior booking. But these vendors are termed as a top priority as booking them well in advance is vital to ensure availability. However, when finalizing your vendors, it’s essential to look at their business reviews and portfolio, take trials, and have personal meetups. So, choose the best Vendors from the best and most user-friendly wedding vendor directory in Goa according to your choice and budget.
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