Why is it important to have your Wedding Business Online in these times?

Goan Wedding industry is bracing a storm at the moment. With COVID-19 taking a heavy toll on the events & wedding industry. It’s a part of the global halt the world has come in. 

With lock-down’s & restrictions all over, people are safer at home than any other place and this means more and more people have time on their hands which is spent on digital gadgets.

More and More people are now Online on their mobiles or laptops than before. Internet Users have overnight not doubled but increased  x 10 times more than ever expected. This only means if your wedding brand is not online today you are missing out on a huge opportunity to grow your wedding brand to upscale it.

5 Important reasons to be Online today


More people are online then before this gives you an opportunity to be present online(without physically meeting them)  to showcase your work. It gives your wedding business an online presence for the couples planning their wedding in Goa with a much wider reach.

2. Edge over your competitors

Wedding Business Online

Let’s all agree we all do have that  one competitor we want to be one step ahead off. Being online is being one step ahead. You are indirectly telling the world about the great work you do in the wedding industry.

3. Gives your Wedding brand a reputation

Being online not only gives you a presence, but it establishes you as a Wedding brand. Furthermore when wedding websites such as weddingsdegoa  features your work your brand certainly gets uplifted to a next level.

4. Probability of Business Conversions are high

Wedding Business Online

The Probability of converting a probable client is high if your wedding business is online. You are only increasing your chances every time you post that design you crafted or the music you played or the testimonials you received on your Social media handles.

5. The New World is Internet

Every couple getting married today are digitally active geniuses. They shop online, even find their soul mates online and even to an extent  plan their entire wedding together on the net being miles apart. Does this mean something to your business now ? It only means Couples are sourcing wedding vendor’s online, They are looking at your work online and choosing you looking at how you have portrayed you digital profile including your testimonials & reviews from other couples

So Get Connected and enter into the new era of  Digital Transformation..