‘Weddings every day of the week’ in 2021

There is a very positive statement coming in from the wedding industry. With 2020 halting all the big day plans, 2021 promises to be the bumper year for weddings. Almost 90% of the weddings planned for the present year were postponed or cancelled. The wedding industry is presently on a standstill with very less activity in its domain. The Good news is that things are only going to get better from hereon. Sooner than later Weddings will have to resume.The Lawns & Banquet halls will have to open up someday.

Eddie Dsouza of the UK Wedding company interprets it as a “Dam ready to burst open” The number of weddings that have been postponed needs to take place some day or the other. It’s just a matter of time when covid will be a part of our history book’s. Oxford Clinical trials have already reached its final stages and this is a blessing to us, once the vaccine hits the market we are back running.

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The Gala Wedding celebrations in Goa are on hold at the moment. Restricted ceremony is a possibility with fewer guests. But there are few takers for such celebrations. You will surely want your big day to stand out as a memory for a lifetime. With all said and done this pandemic is on an overall decline across the globe, People have found ways to cope with it and continue in the new normal. Goa too will soon learn to counter and continue living with the graph trends across the globe showing to deteriorate. 

BBC Business forecast “ There will be weddings happening everyday of the week in 2021″. This indeed is a light at the end of the tunnel for the entire global wedding industry. Click here to read the full article  https://www.bbc.com/news/business-53220841.

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Weddingsdegoa are optimistic about the plans for 2021. Surely once things pick up we will have to gear ourselves to take in the multiple opportunities lined up. Wedding services in Goa will have to be prepared to handle 2 plus weddings a day as the number of weddings of 2020 will join in the 2021 plans.Its certain we are going to get busy once again but are we ready for it with the arrival of the new normal?

At Least for now we see some hope coming in from the experts. The Entire Wedding industry awaits the arrival of the vaccine that will open up our lawns and banquets to their full capacity once more.

Pictures by: Mountain top Motion Pictures