Wedding Trends: Everything you need to know to plan your Boho Wedding in Goa

If you are planning for your dream wedding and searching for unique and out-of-the-box theme ideas, you have indeed come across the term “Boho Weddings”. Well, Bohemian marriages or Boho Weddings are one of a kind and the top trending wedding themes in Goa. Moreover, the highly searched terms on the internet and social media for wedding themes. But what are Boho weddings? Why are they so popular? And what makes them stand out from the rest? We’re sure some are new to this trend and want to explore more about this famous and trending theme for Goan Weddings. So, to streamline this fantastic trend, weddingsdegoa has compiled together everything you need to know about Boho Weddings and how to plan for your Boho Wedding theme in Goa.

What are Boho Weddings?

“Boho” is short for Bohemian which means free Spirited lifestyle. This means this theme obeys no specific no rules or boundaries. It’s more put forth by your freedom of expression, and it integrates an eclectic mix of natural, Rustic, and Vintage details in the theme. Bohemian Weddings started trending in the 2000s and were inspired by the 70’s hippie lifestyles. Boho-styled weddings are more adorned by natural and antique elements and are indeed beautiful.

How to Plan your Dream Boho Wedding?

So, if you are a free Spirited couple indulging in nature’s beauty, Boho Wedding themes are for you. Follow the guide below to execute your dream boho wedding successfully,

Boho Style Decor

Boho Weddings are all about Natural Elements and can also be chic and sophisticated. So embrace your surroundings with absolute decorative elements of your choice. You can use these all, from leaves, feathers, and colorful flowers to beautiful dream catchers, lanterns, and gleaming fairy lights. Moreover, Vintage elements also add up to the Bohemian wedding vibe.

Wedding Dress / Entourage Dress code

Well, every tiny detail makes the entire wedding one of a kind. For the boho-styled wedding, attire includes more lace or lace patches and more of an airy and romantic outfit that can be off-white or ivory in color.

Boho Styled Wedding Venues

As we know, boho weddings are more nature-oriented and Rustic; choose a venue that’s more of a traditional style rather than classy. Let there be more wild trees and greenery, and you can decorate it with Rustic elements, as there are no boundaries for creativity.

Music often sets up the vibe.

In Goa, many bands, DJs, and live music performers exist. So, before booking, research the bars and the genre they play. For Bohemian Weddings, a live band and instrumental and classy music are the perfect choices to set the correct vibe.

Boho Style Accessories

Bohemian Weddings are known for all fancy, natural and Whimsical accessories. May it be headgear or corsages, there is no limit to creativity. It can be floral blended with a Vintage touch. Also, the bouquets can be arranged with an eclectic mix of wildflowers and chic elements.

Whimsical Entrance Arcs

More wooden stick Arcs decorated with wildflowers and other decorative elements for boho weddings will get the vibe. Geometric-shaped Arcs with detailed floral decors are more popular for boho weddings.

At this point, we’re sure you will be itching to get your boho wedding plans to execution. If so, visit Our Wedding Planners in Goa page to find the perfect Wedding planners who will help you make your ideas a reality.