Wedding Timings in Goa: The new Rules and Regulations

‘Susegad’ its Konkani Translation? That’s a little hard to explain, but a feeling you will experience once in Goa. Described briefly, it’s the fulfillment, relaxation, and happiness of living in this beautiful state of Goa. Enjoying life to the fullest is a natural feeling in Goa, which also applies to the occasions, functions, and events in Goa. Moreover highly applicable for all weddings and family functions. Hence the result of all events never starting on time.

Even if our wedding cards mention 7:30 pm sharp, we reach the venue by 9:30 pm. Let’s be honest; we are guilty of doing this at some point. But sadly, the Susegad era of attending weddings in Goa has now come to an end. With the implementation of the new rules by GSPCB and sound limitations till 10 pm. It’s time we attended weddings on time. 

As the rules say: Firstly, No party celebration/loud music can be played beyond 10 pm. Secondly, soundproof devices should be installed at the venues to monitor the audible music restrictions. The venue owners must display the recorded noise levels to benefit the public.

The ambient air quality standard for an industrial area in the daytime is 75 decibels (dB), while it is 70 dB at night. For the commercial area, the noise level is restricted to 65 dB during the day and 55dB at night, whereas for the residential area, the air quality standards are 55 dB during the day and 45 dB at night. 

So, to ensure your wedding runs smoothly, with all your plans on point and without interruption, a proper timeline can help you sort your day and be on time. Keeping in mind the strict end time and noise ordinance of your venue starting early can be helpful.

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