Wedding Reception Options for the new 10 pm rule in Goa

Goans are often termed ‘Susegad,’ so we all have adapted it in our day-to-day life. Susegad is a Konkani word that means relaxed or having a laid-back attitude. Well, it’s high time we change this, especially when celebrating Goan Wedding Receptions.

As per the new rules, the High court has imposed noise pollution and late-night music, which is bound to stop at 10 pm. The wedding Receptions In Goa have been adversely affected. There’s only a little time for the reception to be celebrated as before. And if you start late, you will undoubtedly face disappointment as you spend so much, which feels worthless.

So, we at Weddings De Goa have given you a few options to celebrate your wedding reception in Goa, keeping in mind the new rules and curfew timings. 

High tea Wedding Receptions

With covid-19 striking the world over the past two years, people have evolved towards having intimate weddings involving only family and friends. A high-tea Wedding Reception will be a great choice if you have a small guest list. High tea weddings begin just after the Nuptials, where people are served snacks and meals much earlier than expected.

High tea weddings usually start at 5 pm and can end at your convenience. However, you can modify the celebration as per your preferences. They involve fewer arrangements and are also less expensive yet elegant enough to signify the importance of your occasion. A simple, decent celebration!

Afternoon Wedding Receptions

Afternoon weddings are now trending in Goa. Well, if you want more time to dance, dine, and have the best time, have an afternoon wedding reception. A number of couples are adapting to this; however, before planning on the same, you need to talk to your venue and other vendors to get everything set up on time.

Morning Nuptials

If you plan to start your wedding reception on time, 6 to 7 pm in Goa, a morning marriage would be a great decision. By having your Nuptials in the mornings, you have more relaxed time for your photography as well as the guests wishing at the church.
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Sunset Weddings or Beach Weddings

Sunset or beach weddings are lovely. Capture beautiful Sunset backdrops by the beach as you celebrate your happily ever after. To get this capture, the bridal couple must plan their wedding Nuptials a little earlier than usual. Make sure the venue is close to the church, so you are on time to capture the view.

Start on Time

If your wedding date is approaching and you need more time to change plans. The best option is to START ON TIME. Have a proper wedding timeline to follow. Inform family and friends to be on time so you can start your wedding on time with a decent number of crowds around you.

Resort Weddings

Resort Weddings can avoid time restrictions and noise pollution, and most resorts have indoor soundproof venues and have valid permission for late-night celebrations and proper permission. So, a resort reception can help you succeed with all your wedding plans, traditions, and customs intact and have the time to complete them all.

Here are a few options you could consider to plan your wedding reception in Goa. However, we know these all alter our traditional celebrations and festivities. Let’s hope the government of Goa reconsiders its decision and allows music for weddings at least up to 11 pm. To celebrate as we do, stick to our customs, and preserve our tradition, which makes a Goan Wedding what it is.