Wedding Photography Week Goa 2.0


During these times we have heard several stories of businesses closing down, Some selling off their equipment’s, Some giving up their workspaces and much more.
With the wedding industry on a standstill and all the businesses trying to survive, we at Weddingsdegoa thought of sharing our skills in helping our Photographers stay positive and visible among the digital crowd.
Our small efforts in showcasing their work on our digital platforms in giving them some positivity and light for a brighter tomorrow. This is surely a great opportunity for all the photographers to showcase their work to a wider audience.
Wedding Photography Week Goa 2.0 is not a Photography competition but a celebration of their work and we at Weddingsdegoa are in union with the business struggling to meet ends. Our efforts and work in supporting each other to overcome this time will go a long way.
Weddingsdegoa have dedicated the entire week to the Goan wedding Photographers.
Click the link below to support your Best picture along with your favorite photographer.

Do Share the Love and spread the word.

“Wedding Photography Week Goa 2.0”
1st -5th Sept 2020