Wedding Masks – The new norm for Weddings in Goa

We are living in a new normal. Our weddings too have evolved to accept the change. One of the many new things you will see for weddings will be customized wedding masks. It’s a new norm all across the world to wear masks for every gathering outside of the close family. Goa is no far too, The new norms require every guest to have the mask worn throughout the event. Sanitizers and social distancing become an integral part. As many couples in Goa continue to plan their wedding during this time, wearing of mask’s, social distancing, and sanitizing should be planned and be part of their celebration
It definitely sounds quirky to imagine your self with a mask when you’re beautifully groomed on your wedding day while the masks steal the elegance. Well, being creative is the way forward for all the bridal couples planning their weddings this pandemic.

Photo by: Bride & More

Goa offers a wide variety of Bridal Designers, Boutiques, and Bridal accessory Designers who custom design wedding masks for the bridal couple that is both pretty and safe. The Wedding Masks Designed are of different styles and texture. Different colors, laced, printed, embroidered, and also customized masks with custom prints are the varieties offered by the Goan Wedding vendors. Choose the best that suits your style and your attire. Moreover, for the bridal couple and entourage, the masks can also be designed as per the wedding theme and color.
The most common Wedding masks seen are with a texture that says Groom, Bride, Best man, Bridesmaid, #HappyCouple #Happyfamily
Wedding Masks Goa
So, if you are hosting a wedding or any celebration during the COVID-19 era wearing a mask is a must. Moreover, face mask has become the new trend to follow for weddings, giving the bridal couple, the entourage, family, and guests a variety of fashionable options to wear.
Here are some of our wedding vendor’s sure to assist you in designing that creative wedding mask for your big day.
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