Venue Hire in Launceston: The Most Important Factors to Consider

Whether you are hosting a conference, a gala dinner, a year end function, an anniversary party, or a wedding, you are going to need a venue that will be able to host all of your guests. While providing enough space, a great atmosphere, and some extra services and features.

There are loads of different venues to choose from, whether you want to opt for a Country Club – Venue Hire, an outdoor location, or even an on-the-water yacht, there are a few important factors to consider before paying the deposit.

  1. Budget and Costs

The location you decide to host your special event at will take a big chunk of your budget. It’s therefore important to consider this first before looking at other factors. Write down everything you are going to need to make your event happen – catering, décor, entertainment, supplies, invitations, etc. and then re-evaluate whether you have enough left in your budget to pay your dream venue.

Some venues include loads of extras like catering, décor, and staff. This will give you the financial freedom to spend a little bit more on some added goodies. Costs will also depend on when you want to host your event.

In many cases, venues’ prices vary from off-season to peak season and from weekend days to weekdays. Get a pricelist from a few different venues for a few chosen dates. Once you’ve received the quotes, you can decide whether the space is within your budget and whether it can fall on your desired date.

  1. Internet Access

A fast internet speed is something that all guests will love you for. Choose a venue that has access to uncapped and fast internet connection. This will give your guests the opportunity to share photos from the event freely on their social media or have a quick look at an important work email.

This is especially important if your event will be taking place over the course of a few days.

  1. Capacity and Guest Accommodation

There will be no use for a huge conference room if you only have 20 guests. Consider the size of the group of people that will be attending and book a space according.

It’s important to your guests’ comfort that there is enough space to move freely from table to table or to the bathrooms. Nothing is more frustrating than hosting an event in a space that is cramped.

Also consider the room layout. Will some guests be seated behind a massive pilar? Or too close to the bathroom door? It’s wise to have a look at the venue before booking. You’ll be surprised how two venues with the same guest capacity, but different layouts can have an effect on the success of the night.

If you have some guests coming from far away, you should consider a location that have on-site accommodation, boarding facilities, and perhaps even breakfast for the next morning.

Check out these amazing tips on how you can plan your event’s seating chart:

  1. Atmosphere

Even though the venue might look dazzlingly romantic and intimate on its photos, it might be much different when you actually visit the location. If you want your event to embody a specific vibe or ambiance, then you should shop around for one that fits in with your chosen style.

Acquiring different décor pieces and floral decoration can become quite expensive. You’ll save a lot of money, if you choose a location that already features the atmosphere you want to achieve. 

  1. Sound System

An event isn’t quite complete without full-blown entertainment and sound. Nothing irritates a guest as much as a screeching speaker, or a sound system that they can’t hear. Even worse, is a sound system that echoes in an empty space. Make sure that the venue’s sound system is up to date. The venue should be able to play audio over their sound system when you go for a viewing so that you can experience the sound yourself.

If you are going to need a projector, lighting, or other specialized equipment for a conference and presentations, then you need to ensure that the venue is either equipped with one or have the facilities for a visual and sound team to install it.

  1. Parking

This is a factor that is overlooked to easily. Especially if you have a large group of people attending, you have to make sure that the location has enough space available for everyone’s cars. Many guests don’t want to leave their vehicles on an abandoned street overnight or a pay a hefty $50 parking lot fee.

Does the venue have a garage or a safe parking lot with security? Do they offer valet services? These are questions you have to make sure of before inviting hundreds of guests.

  1. Catering

When it comes to food, your guests will most probably have many different dietary requirements. Hiring an outside catering company can become quite the headache. When vendors have to drive from afar with all their equipment, it can not only add to costs, but there’s always the chance that there will be a delay.

Consider hiring a venue in Launceston that has catering, food, and perhaps a cash bar available. Having a kitchen and staff on site will make everything much easier.  Read this list for great catering ideas that will keep your guests wanting more.

  1. Accessibility

Do keep in mind any guests with disabilities and whether the venue is accessible to all. Are there facilities for people with special needs? There should be changing tables available in the restrooms for moms with babies and enough resting spaces for the older crowd.

Lastly, you should consider the actual location of the venue. How far away is it from your guests? Try to pick a location that is accessible to all guests and within a good distance.

When you consider all the above-mentioned factors, you’ll be able to hire a venue that will turn your event into a success.