Top 10 Best Wedding Photography locations in Goa

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Looking for Wedding Photography locations in Goa?

With the beautiful greenery, cool atmosphere, old Portuguese structures, and shimmering beaches that Goa offers. Goa is said to be a paradise that sits amidst the Konkan coastline. Moreover, it’s a beautiful place that reeks of love and romance. 

So also, with all these breathtaking amenities Goa offers some beautiful locations where you can have your dreamy Wedding Photoshoots. No matter if it is a pre or post or wedding photography shoot Goa offers some romantic picture-perfect locations. From the blue wavy backdrops of the beaches to the rustic-themed unique and antique backdrops Goa offers many places to have your Wedding Photography.

Whether you are looking for picturesque locations far from the cities or the colorful city lanes. Here are the 10 best Wedding Photography locations in Goa. Each of them offering its own beauty and elegance.

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Goan Beaches

What can be more romantic than having the wavy waters and clear skies backdrop for your wedding photography?

The Goan beaches are a perfect place that offers the best scenic backdrops to have a romantic and funfilled Wedding Photography.

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Parra Road

The Parra Road known as the “Dear Zindagi” road in Goa offers a perfect picturesque view.

The tall standing coconut trees with the beautiful green meadows spread along sides make the road a perfect location to have to have your photoshoot.


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Panjim Fontainhas

The colorful streets of Panjim amidst the city are the best location to add up a colorful vibe to your Wedding Photoshoot. 

The artistic view and vibrant colored buildings and art galleries give a Portuguese feel and truly a flawless scene to your photoshoot.

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Reis Magos Fort

Rustic-themed photography amidst the old historic forts of Goa definitely gives a Portuguese feel.

The very unique Portuguese architecture adds up elegance and an artistic touch to make your Wedding Photography even more beautiful.

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Braganza House Goa

The Braganza house located in South Goa is a Great Portuguese house with a beautiful antique setup.

The house is beautifully decorated and designed and the perfect location to have rustic-themed wedding photography.

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Historic Churches

Goa is well known for its churches. Well, some churches like the Basilica in Old Goa, Three kings in the South have a picturesque view.

A storytelling backdrop in your pictures and a perfect location to have a Goan Wedding Photoshoot.

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Archies Grandeza

The Archies Grandeza also located in the South of Goa is a Great Portuguese Structure perfect to have rustic-themed wedding Photography.

The place is also used as a wedding venue. The antique setup designed inside as well as outside this beautiful architecture truly makes it the best place for a romantic photoshoot.

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Fort Aguada

The famous fort Aguada based in Candolim North Goa is a huge Portuguese structure that will dazzle up your rustic-themed Wedding Photoshoot. 

The Fort Aquada has a beautiful river view with open blue skies a perfect and unique backdrop to host your dreamy wedding photoshoot.

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Luxury Yacht Goa

If you want to have a perfect romantic and filmy style Wedding Photography. The Luxury Yacht amidst the blue waters of the river mandovi is the perfect location.

Celebrate your Love amidst the beautiful sea and clear open skies. Nothing can be more romantic than this pristine location. 

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Grand Hyatt

Again a luxurious and equally rustic-themed location. The Grand Hyatt is a perfect location to host your wedding as well as have a luxurious and worth remembering wedding photoshoot.

The beautiful Portuguese structures around the place as well as the luxurious new architectures provide picture-perfect shots.

Goa is truly an ideal place to have your romantic Wedding Photoshoot, And the above spots prove it all.

These locations will provide you with the most picturesque sites for your special Wedding Photography. From the beautiful hues of the sunset and sunrise, the breezy, wavy beaches, to the traditional old Goan Portuguese structures.

You can choose among the perfect spots and backdrops you wish for.

So Start Planning for your Wedding Photoshoot today!!

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