Things To Know When Planning To Sell Your Unwanted Jewelry

Breakups can be tough, some more so than others but they don’t have to be all bad if you have a jewelry box full of gifted precious stones and diamonds which you can make work for you. Who says that the heartbreak, as horrible as it is and no one is saying it isn’t, has to be one-sided? You may not have been the one to call off the engagement or end the relationship but you can be the one to come out the other side winning.

Do we mean to damage the other person’s property, absolutely not? Get revenge? No, it is too predictable and boring, to be honest. You can simply take all those ‘I’m sorry’ gifts and ‘missed birthday presents’ and take them down to the local jewelry shop to either cash in or replace them with a bigger better piece suited to your style. This way you have exactly what you want, you can wear it however you feel, and no one can say that you have it because of them. Win-win.

Be sure that if there are the odd one or two pieces that you hand-picked that are still near and dear to your heart, see an interesting article here to sort them from the rest, that you put it away for safekeeping and not accidentally add to the pile for donation and selling.

No longer needed

So what are your options, you have a lot of precious gems and trinkets and brooches without a clue what to do with them? They’re just sitting there, and every time you look at them you are reminded of the day you came home to a half-empty wardrobe, drawers pulled to their edge with no evidence of clothes left in them, and a scribbled note stuck to the fridge door. Why should you be burdened with the memories when you could be owning the next best necklace or earrings to hit the market? You need to collect everything that ties you to your now ex-relationship and get a professional company such as the Newport beach jewelry store to turn it into something worth having.

You could opt to design something you have had in mind for a while or speak to a manager about designing a bespoke piece based on your personality, the options are endless. There is also the choice of simply selling it all and going on a well-deserved spa holiday with a shopping spree to match, yes, please. But the main objective is to do something rather than to sit and feel sorry for yourself while there is a wardrobe filled with jewels with the potential to give you more than you think you deserve.

The why

You may be asking yourself why people decide to get rid of the jewelry, why not just keep it safely tucked away to pass down to your children on their wedding day or their graduation or something, well, for many people, they don’t see the need for it, or it comes with bad connotations.

There is a long list of decisions that come into play before someone may decide to sell on their jewelry, for some points may seem trivial then again others may hit closer to home than you realized. Let’s look at what some of those reasons may be and whether any of them could be the answer you have been looking for to know whether it is time to move on.

The top 3 reasons why people look to sell their jewelry

1) Divorce

Unfortunately, this is the most commonly expressed reason for cleaning out the jewelry box or safe. The quicker divorcees can rid their homes and memories of anything that ties them to their ex-partner the better and the quicker they can move on with their lives. It also allows the emotion tied to that piece to be essentially extinguished and leave the door open for a possible new relationship to blossom.

If you are going through a divorce and were feeling guilty for wanting to get rid of your jewelry then fear not, you are not alone in this thinking and you have no reason to feel this way. See this link for an interesting read from women who went through similar situations and others and how they found the ‘jewel cleansing process.’ Sometimes we just need to know that it is ok to not want to hurt emotionally anymore, and if ridding your life of things that bring up those feelings makes it that much better than what are you waiting for.

2) Inheritance

You may have had a grandparent or distant relative that passed away and left you a few bejeweled pieces in their will, unless you love those particular items you can get more use out of them by selling them to a shop or agent. Cash them in or get expert advice and guidance on how you can transform them into something you like.

3) Financial

This point is high on the list and deserves a place in the top 3 being that we all find ourselves in a bind sometimes and need a financial helping hand quickly. Selling a piece or two of jewelry can get you the cash you need in hand and help keep your head above water till you have weathered the storm.

Closing a chapter

Moving on is easier said than done, even less so if you are on the receiving end of the goodbye speech, but it is possible, and like with all things it simply takes time. You need to do what is right for you and your family and if selling your wedding and engagement rings gives you the boost you need both emotionally and with a nice lump sum in the bank then what have you got to lose.

At the end of the day will you get anything out of those rings if they were just sat in your safe? No. Selling them to a reputable buyer or store will allow someone else the opportunity to own a ring that was not meant to be with your forever.