Shawarma in a Plate Goa

The famous and delicious Chicken Shawarma plate in Goa? Yes, you got that right.

The Chicken Shawarma in a plate in Goa definitely has a huge fan-following.  Chicken Shawarma is not a favorite to people only in Goa but all across the world.

In Goa, however, you will notice the streets filled with small stands and joints selling the delicious shawarmas with a dash of their own styles. Actually, what makes all the difference is the unique spiced chicken filling with the lazy salads and in addition the mixture of sauce and mayo!. What better than to end the evening with a Shawarma?

Well, you all know the traditional shawarma is a spiced mixture served in a bread roll, the Goan Poie’s, or in the khabus or pita wraps. Ever seen a Shawarma in a Plate here in Goa?

Shawarma in a Plate Goa

Shawarma in a Plate – The Goa way!

Firstly the traditional shawarma stuffed wraps are now organized as a delightful platter. Secondly, they are served with shawarma chicken stuffing, light, and sour salads, sauces, mayo, and khabus.

Most importantly the large plate and a perfect snack to add perfection to your day. Moreover, a healthy portion of the meal can also be shared with your loved ones.

Goa offers many such stalls that serve the best Shawarma Plates. One such joint very famous in Goa where you can enrich your taste buds on the sumptuous Shawarma Plate is the famous “Anvays Chicken Shawarma” located in Aldona North Goa. At the famous Corjuem Cable bridge.

Therefore you are sure to come back wanting more!. Well, there are many more all across Goa where you can feast on.

I’m sure this made your mouth water. So, why wait? Try out the best and most delicious Shawarma in a different style. Shawarma in a Plate – The Goan Way!