Reliving the Goan Wedding Traditions

The Goan Wedding Traditions play a major role in making the Goan Wedding complete. The Wedding is not just a single-day affair but is a complete celebration spread over a week of unlimited fun and happiness.

With all the advance preparations right from the Church, Wedding venue caterers, and more.

The Goan Catholic Wedding comes with many varied customs and traditions to follow.

Well, nowadays not all of the traditions are followed, but many Goan couples still opt to relive the Wedding Customs and Traditions.

So, let us have a close look at the Wedding Traditions associated with a Goan Wedding.

Dos Making

The Wedding Traditions begin with getting everyone together. Firstly with the making of the famous Goan sweet. That is the Dos.

Dos is prepared at both the bride and groom’s houses separately and then exchanged between the families.

Relatives, neighbors, and friends join in this ceremony to help in preparing the Dos.

During the process, they recite beautiful Goan Mandos and holy verses to bestow blessings on the bridal couple. Bringing the Family together before the major preperations take place.


The Chuddo ceremony is a brides side tradition where in the bride’s hands are fitted with a set of bangles which symbolizes a start to her wedding life. A bangle seller “Kakonnkar” is invited to the bride’s house where the bangles are fitted and the bride’s family offers him money, rice and coconuts. The bride’s relatives and some village ladies are also invited to have bangles fitted on their hands.

Bhikream Jevonn

 Done in honor of the ancestors of the bride and groom’s family.

Held separately at the Grooms place as well as the Brides place. On this day the food is served on a leaf to everyone present.

Everyone sits on the floor together offering prayers of thanksgiving and gratitude and enjoying their meal. The food served in the traditional Goan Rice, Dried prawn curry, and a sweet dish named “von”

Roce Ceremony

The Goan Roce Ceremony is the most Fun-filled tradition that takes place at both the Bride and Groom’s house. The Roce is coconut milk extracted fresh by the families and is applied to the Bride and Groom by the Family, relatives, and friends. The ones anointing the couple have a lot of fun as they get to break eggs on the Bride and Groom. The Roce Ceremony is held one or two days prior to the wedding and is held to purify the Bride and the Groom before the Wedding.


Portonnem is a Goan Wedding Tradition that takes place the next day after the Wedding.

Wherein, the bride returns back to her home with her new family. The bride’s family has arranged a small function with dining and dance welcoming their new family. Moreover, getting the families to know each other better.  And ending The Wedding Celebrations.

Well, as you can see the Goan Wedding and its tradition is almost a week’s time of fun-filled customs and enjoyment. All these customs may be big or small. But moreover have a deep meaning or purpose to follow them.

The wedding Traditions strengthen the family bond as well. Truly, following all these customs and traditions is extremely fun and frolic and makes a Goan Wedding one of a kind. In addition, giving everyone a rich experience of the Goan Wedding Traditions.