Projector Hire in North Goa

Goa is blessed to be one of the favorite tourist destinations across the globe. With the event industry in Goa being one of the busiest during the Oct – Feb period. A lot of events require Projectors on hire in Goa. We at WHN NEXT provide you with a one-stop solution for your projectors on rent in Goa. High definition to Standard projections is available on rental basis.

The Projector comes with a Tripod screen. The Sound system, Laptop, and setup is optional and can be provided upon request. Benq & Epson projectors are commonly used in Goa.

Renting a projector for our event is easy and convenient. Call us on  +91-9146970951 to place your request and our team will assist you.


Projectors are hired for Goan Weddings for Virtually raising of the Toast or for singing the Saudichem Kantar. Also, Video recorded messages from across the world are showcased using the projector. Photos of the couples are displayed as well with video presentations being sent from across the world.

Football Matches

Projection of Football matches is one of the main arrays for Goans. Especially during the Football World cup screenings in Goa or the Euro Cup. Live screening of football matches in Goa takes place almost in every village. Fc Goa has brought in the football fever to a different level and whenever the team has qualified for the Semi-Finals, The Projector is in high demand for Football screenings in Goa.

Churches & Christmas celebrations.

Feast masses & other services are now projected especially outside the church. During the Village Feast or Christmas, Celebrations Projectors are used to display the mass or cultural events.

21st Birthday, Anniversaries & Holiday celebrations

Celebrations in Goa have turned virtual with Diaspora now wanting to be a part of the celebrations back home. Projectors are hired to live stream events and display happenings on bigger screens. People with Holiday Homes in Goa rent on projectors for their Home functions.

Karaoke Nights 

Karaoke Nights are held in restaurants where Projectors are rented locally for a day. Its fun & frolic to see Musical nights come alive.


Sometimes it’s a challenge to hand carry out projectors while traveling for corporate meetings or events. Companies hire projectors for their short stay in Goa. This is convenient and cheaper than hand carrying one. 

If you are looking for a High definition Projector for your Event, Wedding, or conference in Goa,

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