Pinata Cakes in Goa

We are sure you have seen the latest trends in birthday cakes in Goa. Pinata cakes have taken everyone by surprise. The hollow Cake with sweet goodies loaded inside. As per the tradition, this cake needs to be hit with a pinata hammer to break it open. Did you know from where exactly the word Pinata originated? Officially Pinata’s are linked to celebrations in Mexico where they break the container which is loaded with sweet goodies and candies. The container was made of paper or cloth.

This tradition was soon taken over for cakes and hence the name pinata. Pinata Cakes in Goa are more common for birthdays and special celebrations. If you are looking to bake a Pinta cake you can get the Pinata Moulds & hammer from Bakers craft in Mapusa. The store has different options on mould sizes for your pinata cake. 

If you are searching for someone who can bake a pinata cake in goa for you, drop us a WhatsApp on 9146970951 and we will assist you.

Photo credit: Alonies Handcrafted Cakes

The next time you see a pinata cake do remember to share the origin of the cake. Surely this cake trend is here to stay for a while. Take that hammer break open the Pinata mould and share the sweet goodies and candies loaded inside for a sweet person in you. 

Enjoy the Pinata Tradition of Breaking Open with a Smile.