New Trends Emerge for Goan Weddings

When was the last time you attended a Goan Wedding? Surely it must be some time now as Goa comes back to normalcy. Since the last gala wedding you attended, weddings have evolved and The Wedding Trends in Goa have taken a different route. 

The Millennial couples find themselves in the middle of a major decision making situation.

Choosing from whom to invite to what to plan, the wedding scene in Goa has taken a complete turn. From the large crowd of 800+ gatherings to Exclusive deco, the scenario has changed. A new trend emerges for Goan Weddings in the form of Close Affair or Intimate Weddings. 

1. Close Family and Friends only

Firstly and most importantly the Crowd is limited to a minimum with immediate family members only and the closest of friends. A maximum crowd is capped at 100. This means the Bride has 50 and Groom has 50 guests to choose from. This is always a tricky situation and gets the couple into a thinking mode of whom to invite and whom to omit. Moreover rest assured this trend of closest family and friends is here to stay.

Wedding Trends Goa

2. The Perfect Sunset Wedding

The Change in wedding timings has shifted. For instance, Weddings now begin early as there is plenty of time available post-nuptials. Religious services are well planned and give the liberty to choose a perfect time to start the reception. Sunset weddings are trending, Noon Nuptial services are picking up and Wedding receptions are getting indoors. 

Wedding Trends Goa

3. Safety – always a priority

The most important being the safety of guests is of prime importance for the couple. Customized Wedding Masks are designed for the wedding which is trending. Sanitizers are placed and decorated for ease of use at every table. In places like Dubai, Vaccination cards are mandatory for attending a wedding. This can be a norm sooner than later in goa as well.

Wedding Trends Goa

4. Trendy ECards

Wedding Cards have turned into ECards, Wedding invitations are now sent via Whatsapp or Email. Moreover Wedding Video Invite is Trending and so is the Wedding Website showcasing the couple’s journey to marriage which also serves as a live stream platform for guests to view it online.

5. A Journey towards a greater cause

Couples are saving huge amounts on their wedding being an intimate affair. Couples are now utilizing this money to invest in a new house or build a fund for the future. Additionally, some have even kept apart for charity thus setting their journey on a greater cause.

No doubt covid is here to stay, Weddings in Goa have changed and so are the trends. We try to catch up with what’s trending in the wedding industry. These 5 trends are surely getting the wedding industry a new look. 

Next time you attend a Goan Wedding, check out which of the above Wedding Trends in Goa are still Trending !!