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Body Scrubs in Goa

Did you know that dead skin accumulated on your skin is the reason why your skin appears dull? You are probably wondering how to get rid of the dead skin now!

Moreover when living in the beautiful tropics of Goa, where dust is a major issue everywhere you go, ever wondered what feeds the dust mites?

Yes! you’re thinking right, it really is your dead skin.

 Therefore arises a need of body scrubs as an addition to your self care regime. The Mini Store Goa introduces 8 different variants of body scrubs in Goa that are a must. 

The benefits of homemade body scrubs are that they are chemical-free.

The body scrubs exfoliate your skin from dead skin, therefore, hydrating, nourishing, moisturizing, and rejuvenating your skin unlike before. Giving it that glow you’ve been forever trying to achieve with a soap.

Three of the best scrubs The Mini Store Goa offers you are:

Halo Aloe

Body Scrubs in Goa

A body scrub focused more towards sensitive skin. Made of home grown fresh aloe vera and cucumber in addition with oils to soothe inflamed skin and leave your skin feeling refreshed.


Body Scrubs in Goa

A rosy smelling variant for the rose lovers, tackling dry skin added with actual rose petals.

Coffee Bean

Body Scrubs in Goa

For the coffee lovers in Goa, our coffee variant helps in blood circulation throughout your body.

“If you haven’t checked out The Mini Store yet then you’re missing the best of natural products, said one of their repeat customers. So what are you waiting for?

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For homemade, natural body scrubs to add to your new self care regime.