Mehendi Designs for Goan Weddings

For an Indian Wedding, the Mehendi ceremony is a tradition that is organized by the bride’s family. The Mehendi also knows as henna is a paste that is used to design the bride’s hands and feet with beautiful patterns. The Mehendi ceremony is a pre-wedding tradition for which female relatives and friends from the bride’s side are invited and they also get a chance to get their hands printed with the beautiful Mehendi designs.

Well, when it comes to Mehendi designs for the bride, some brides may have their own preferences. Some may like it simple and elegant and some may want the full hand, arms, and feet. Others may choose the traditional style while some may want it modern. There’s a lot to choose from. Therefore, Weddingsdegoa has come up with some elegant and beautiful Mehendi design ideas for the bride to choose from.

Multipatterned full arms and palm

The first one is the multipatterned full arms and palm design which has evolved over the years. Moreover, this traditional Mehendi design has not gone out of style. This design includes multiple patterns, florals, and elements that are imprinted by the henna to your entire palms and arms.

Simple circular designs

The simple circular design Mehendi is a simple yet elegant design. It is for the bride who wants it simple and in a traditional style. This design includes a simple circular designed pattern on both the palms and maybe the backhands of the palm. the fingers could be designed with simple patterns if chosen this design.

Floral and Elegant

For this design, various floral motifs of various flowers like lotus, roses, and other tiny flowers are adjoined together to complete a mesmerizing and elegant floral Mehendi design. This could be full palms, wrist, and arms or also be trailed floral pattern of flowers. The choice is yours.

Traditional Mehendi Designs

The traditional Mehendi designs include the various elements used in the past that are imprinted on the bride’s hands as a remembrance and feel of the Indian wedding culture. The traditional design also includes the most sacred moments of the Hindu wedding that can be incorporated as a Mehendi design.

Backhand Trailed Patterns

A backhand trail design is a well-detailed design pattern that includes parsley, florals, and various fine detailed designs. This trailed design patterns could also include the famous Arabic Mehendi designs and detailing.

Checkered Designs

The Checkered designs are for brides who want a great simple Mehendi design. In this design, the decorative simple motifs are enclosed between a checkered design all around. A design that is simple yet looks beautiful.

Glitter Mehendi designs

The Glitter Mehendi designs are the once trending nowadays. In this, the Mehendi artist makes use of glitter and glittery stones in some cases to beautify the henna designs. This is done in the same color as the bride’s attire or as per the bride’s requirements. It truly adds a wow factor to the normal Mehendi design.

Varmala Mehendi Design

The traditional Mehendi designs are the toughest to incorporate on the hands yet exclusive. The varmala Mehendi design is also a traditional design that includes the sacred moment of the wedding that is exchanging the varmala (garlands). This Mehendi design also relishes the Indian wedding culture and it’s for the bride who wants her Mehendi design to be the big fat Indian style.

Well, these are a few and most used Mehendi Designs for Indian weddings. There are many other designs besides there that may include the Peacock design, floral patches etc. You could also get your Mehendi design personalized as per your requirement. Weddings de Goa holds a number of Mehendi design artists that would fulfill all your needs of Mehendi Designs.