Mark Revlon’s Konkani Song’s Playlist

Mark Revlon’s Konkani songs are the top most searched wedding songs among Goan’s all across. Mark Revlon has not only given a new life to the Goan konkani songs but also raised up the bar to the next level. The Playlist of Weddings songs in Goa has a number of hits Mark has sung. Weddingsdegoa has compiled the below playlist of songs to be played at your wedding home or a wedding playlist of songs for your wedding.

Dis Udelo

This song originally is a part of the konkani film Noxea , lyrics by P Agnelo, Sung by Mark Revlon. This Konkani song has been a part of almost every wedding in Goa. The soothing voice & amazing music makes its the most liked song for a wedding in Goa.

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Sopna Sopnetalim

One of the slow konkani love songs that will take you straight to the dancing floor. Love & emotional filled love song for your Goan wedding. Lyrics by Agnelo de Borim  and originally sung by Divina Braganza.

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Alfred rose will surely be proud of Mark Revlon for reviving this age old konkani song. Celina konkani song has been the talk of town with his own style of making it a crowd favorite. The rhythm, the style and the persona all makes it an all time favorite of the Goan diaspora.

Tambde Rosa

Every Goan has had the chance to sing this at least once in his lifetime. Tambde Rosa a Goan konkani traditional wedding song has evolved. The beautiful song has been given a life line. No Goan wedding is complete without the singing of Tambde Rosa.

Mango Tree ( Amcheachem Zhadd)

Mango tree Konkani song is the original from the legendary Chris Perry. Very few have heard this melodious konkani song. Surely one of the favorites for a Goan Wedding. If you have not yet heard this song then here is your chance to do so. Mark Revlon’s Konkani Songs have rocked the wedding stages lately.