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Lloyds Home Baked - Cake Designer in London, UK

Based in Hounslow, UK Lloyd Home Baked specializes in designing and baking delicious and breathtaking cakes for all occasions. They design cakes in different flavors and unique styles. All his sweet delights are crafted with finesse as per their client’s requirements. 

May it be any theme or flavor Lloyd Home Baked curates each of his delights with love and up to perfection. And right down to detail. Each of his cakes and pastries is perfectly tailored to your event theme and to your flavor exactly the way you need it.

So, If you are looking for the WOW!! factor for your event, Lloyds Home Baked is sure to provide you with the best Cake which will be the show stopper at your event.

Lloyds Home Baked’s extensive repertoire covers wedding cakes, celebration cakes, birthday cakes, pastries, and various other cake savories.

Special unique cake flavors at Lloyds Home Baked:

  • Classic Vanilla
  • Traditional Chocolate
  • Strawberry
  • Ferrero Rocher
  • Pistachio
  • Red Velvet
  • Ras Malai
  • Pinacolada
  • Alphonso Mango Flavoured
  • And many other fruit-flavored delights
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At Lloyds Home Baked kitchen it’s always cake o’clock. Moreover, all their cakes and sweet delights are prepared using the freshest ingredients. Also, they take the creative and cake designing process very seriously from the beginning to the very last detail.  

No matter what the occasion is if you are looking to indulge your passion for a visually stunning and deliciously tasty cake Get in Touch with Lloyds Home Baked based in London, UK.

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