Liturgy for Goan Catholic Weddings

God’s Blessings is the main and most important part of the Goan Catholic Wedding. Termed as the sacrament of matrimony the Goan Catholic Wedding day starts off with the nuptial ceremony held at the church. And there are a few requirements you need to keep in mind while you prepare for the nuptials of your big day. 

Well, it all begins with the most necessary requirements from inviting a group of priests to celebrate the eucharist ceremony, Choir Arrangements, Church Decor, preparing for the Nuptial Rites(Exchange of vows), and the basic requirements like the wedding rings, ring holders, kneelers, offertory, etc. However, above all these requirements the most important is preparing the Nuptial Liturgy. And also get it approved by the church parish priest before the wedding ceremony. So, let us see what all goes in preparing the Liturgy for Goan Catholic Weddings.

List of Requirements

  1. First of all, you need to select a theme or title also known as “Vixoi” in Konkani if you are having your nuptials in Konkani. Then you prepare the entire liturgy based on the title you chose. This makes the preparation much easier.
  2. To start off the nuptial ceremony you need to prepare the Introduction also known as “Survatechim Utram” in Konkani.
  3. The Gospel Readings, there are a number of Gospel Readings appropriate for the Wedding Ceremony. The bridal couple’s duty is to choose the best one for their big day.
  4. Prayers of the Faithful also known as “Bhavartanchim Magnnim” in Konkani. This is a set of prayers that you need to offer during the course of your ceremony.
  5. The offertory is also known as Bhetovvnni in Konkani. These are things you offer in the priest’s hands. For Goan Catholic Weddings they mostly offer Bread and Wine which is a must and other things like fruits, flowers, or anything you wish to.
  6. Thanksgiving Prayer is also known as “Dhinvassnni” in Konkani. This prayer is mostly recited by the bridal couple.

So, here is the list of requirements you need to prepare the Liturgy for Goan Catholic Weddings. And Don’t forget to get it approved by the concerned parish priest before your wedding.