Konkani Wedding Songs Playlist

The Goan wedding scenes capture the happiest times of the people in Goa. With many customs and traditions that go on for a week’s time.  

And the Wedding Reception includes dance and dining. Well, the most crucial part is to have the best of music and choose the best Wedding Songs Playlist for your big day.  As Goa’s heart and soul lie in Konkani music.

Weddings de Goa has compiled together a Konkani Wedding Songs Playlist that has been ruling the Goan Wedding dance floor for the bridal couple.

Contrad Sasnacho

This pleasant and treasured song has never grown old with time for Goan Weddings.


Its soulful music and meaningful lyrics makes it best suitable for a wedding. The song is mostly preferred to be played as the first dance song or also the last dance piece.

Dis Udelo - Mark Revlon

This blissful Konkani love song has definitely topped the Konkani Wedding Song Playlist in the early years. Its rhythmic music and touchy lyrics will make you fall for Love and Commitment.

The vibrant voice of Goa’s Sensational singer Mark Revlon adds a different dimension to it.

Mog Amcho Dogaincho - Dykvan Fernandes

Originally sung and composed by a young budding talent of Goa Dykvan Fernandes this gentle and beautiful track is definitely made for a slow, swaying first dance for Goan Weddings. An ideal konkani song with beautiful music given by EDM Gomes is sure to touch your heart.

Sopna Sopnetalim Hanv

This Beautiful Konkani Song has been one of the favorites to be played for almost all weddings in Goa. Its been every Goan’s favorite and is definitely one of the tracks that top The Konkani Wedding Song Playlist

Mog Sasnacho

The latest song that is currently being played as a First Dance track is Mog Sasnacho which means “Eternal Love”. Sung and composed by the very talented Allison Gonsalves. The tune sync and meaningful lyrics are a perfect combination to have it as your first dance song.

The Goan Masala

The Goan Masala is a combination of a number of Goan Konkani fast tracks that are played during the Goan Wedding Reception. A must for every Goan wedding. The Konkani Goan masala sets a different vibe and spirits up the fellow Goans.

Happy Listening!